You Need To Expect Greater – Living In The Fourth Dimension Vol 3

You Need To Expect Greater – Living In The Fourth Dimension Vol 3

Living in the Fourth Dimension, volume 3, by Dr. Bill Winston, will assist you in discovering that you too were created to live in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the unseen realm of the supernatural where signs, wonders and miracles consistently occur. We, the Church, are to bring forth the provision, solutions and strategies of heaven to a hurting humanity from this supernatural realm.

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If you’re in treaty, you’re not gonna get the blessing to 40.
When you’re in treaty, you will not have dominion. So you gotta watch yourself and see.
Are you in three d or are you in four d?
God is gonna use you to do things that you never thought you could do because he’s not gonna give you understanding with your mind, he’s coming in with your spirit.
Revelation gives me keys. See, there’s a key to that affirmative There’s a key to the marriage problem.
And you can get a key from god if you belong to He’s calling on you.
What are you doing about that? God will waiting on you. Here’s what god said. Fix it.
Something happened in your neighborhood. Fix it. You’re in four d. Words and words. Words.
Speak words. Don’t be a funny to speak big words over your bank account. Big words over your business.
Big words over your marriage. Big words. You see trying to get everything done in three d.
Folks, you are no longer in three d.
I came to announce you are now in four d in Jesus’ name.
You and I come into the kingdom needing a rewrite.
This is the way we came in. Now we call it new trees.
New trees. See, we come at, what is the tree?
A tree is something that you know, metaphorically is grown up inside of us, and it dictates what we believe.
It is it is if you got an apple seed, you’re gonna have a what? Apple tree, see?
And and if you believe a certain thing, you’re gonna have the fruit in your life of what you believe.
But what you believe is unseen. That’s on the inside. Yes.
But the fruit of what you believe is on the outside.
So if if you believe in debt, then you will have a debt tree.
Is it the right side? Is it the right side of management?
Yeah. Yeah. So so what the idea is And we got some big trees.
And that can be some pretty big trees that can actually be inside of us.
That’s got some really deep roots.
So sometimes when we’re trying to get that tree out, it takes a minute.
I said, it takes a minute.
And and so um, Jesus said Matthew chapter 15 verse 13, he said every plant that the father has not planted in you.
God has plans to rent it out. Why? So you can imitate the the father.
See, he’s got to get you lined up with the scriptures.
And he said, be ye imitate us of god as their children.
So a child’s supposed to imitate the father here in this in this period.
And so Now we’ve got to plant some new trees.
So I just put down a few new trees you know, in my mind that that you wanna get fixed.
And the first one, usually, when people come in, is a financial tree.
And they ought to fix that one. And I will Galatians chapter 6 verse 7 ready. Read. Uh.
So sowing and reaping becomes a way that you operate in this new kingdom.
Now, the tendency is is to think, wait a minute, if I sew, I’m gonna lose something. Yeah.
But he’s saying something. Put it up in the CEV translation, ready. Read.
Alright. Now my my
point to you is is that a lot of people are trying to live off their salary.
But you’re in the kingdom now, we gotta have a rewrite You don’t live off your salary in the kingdom.
If you only live off your salary, then your salary is always telling you what to do. Yeah.
But if you live off the kingdom method and the dominion of the kingdom seed, then you tell salary what to do.
You dictate how much you gonna make. Uh, you follow what I’m saying about that.
So you can go into scriptures and look at all the examples for that.
Here was Jesus telling them to feed them, and they said, no. Let them go home.
You know, they’ve been here long enough. And to go home and get something to eat. And Jesus said, no.
No. And rewrite. You feed them. Yes. Come on. You feed them.
I mean, suppose he came to you, and say, well, I want you to take care of the budget for IFC for this year.
I’m not my one person. Because you’ve got the power to feed the community.
But what you’ve not been doing is getting the rewrite you’re trying to do it with old scripts.
And none scripts won’t work in a new kingdom.
You you what god is about to tell you to do, them scripts can’t handle.
God is writing new script in your mind. You won’t believe something that is unbelievable.
And you’re gonna do something that is impossible. Alright.
The next one Now look at Malachi, starting here in Malachi chapter 3 and starting here at verse 8.
Let’s just look at that. I want you to read that. With me. Ready? Read.
In tithes and offerings, ye are cursed with a curse for ye have taught me, even this old nation, bring me all the ties into the slaughterhouse that they’re making me the time house and prove me how I’m here with if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there should not be room enough to receive it.
Keep going.
And I will review the divide for USA’s and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground.
Neither shall your mind cast her fruit before the time in feel.
Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.
And all nations shall call you blessed for he shall be a delight a man, say it, the lord of hosts.
Alright. Okay. Another one. Is he you’ll get a seed of protection, protection.
Now you gotta see the protection Psalm 91 verse 11. And said, look at this one. Ready.
Read. All your ways.
No matter where you go, we go to the store, you’re gonna keep you. Come on. Go to the job.
He’s gonna keep you. Go down to girlfriend’s house. She’s gonna keep you. Same into that.
Go shopping to get you some new suits. She’s gonna keep you. I don’t care where you go.
He’s gonna keep you. Now, he may not keep somebody around you, but he’s gonna keep you.
I said he’s gonna keep you.
He said a 1000 may fall, but it shall not, because he’s gonna keep you.
I said he’s gonna keep you.
You get on that airplane and everybody ought to be following you because he gonna keep you.
I said he’s gonna keep you to the See, you gotta take this scripture and break it down and make it yours.
That th this is not written for Jim or Joe or Susan. This is written for me.
If nobody else believes it, I’m gonna believe it.
I said, I’m gonna believe it in the name of Jesus.
You need the seed in you.
So you need the seed and you you you never took time to get the seed.
When when we first came here, we’re staying with sister Beverly, but I knew that wasn’t our last place to stay.
I knew that was only temporary. It’s what god opened up to get us in here.
So we got in here. Now I got to get some more money.
But what happened to the enemy tried to discourage me, because we got this place down at Lake and Pulaski, and and show Lincoln Pulaski, please, and I have to play and, like, could I I gotta keep a visual in front of you.
So in Lake of Velasquez, there it is right there.
Hell about twenty five people and and someone in with fussing and didn’t have any bank accounts, but that’s where we went.
And so we’re in that teaching on how to cast out demons. Well, I didn’t know demons drive.
So I got out I got, uh, I got outside, and the car was gone. Lord have mercy.
Now, I that I’m down at Lake and Velasquez. I’m all the way down.
I don’t have much money, and they sold the car. Man, now what am I gonna do?
Now I’m trying to check the post office because I’m hoping somebody sent me a little offering.
You know how you just just a little offering.
So we we we checked the post office I have to go there every day.
So I said, wait a minute. That I gotta get a new seed in me.
I gotta I gotta I gotta do a rewrite on my expectation of financial blessings.
So I took 2nd Corinthians chapter 9 and verse 8 in the amplified.
And as I was walking those Five Blocks or whatever to the post office, I was saying over and over again.
God is able to make all grace have in favor and earthly blessing come to me in abundance that I’m always under all sufficiency of whatever they need.
I’m self sufficient having enough to require no aid and support and furniture in abundance for every good work and chapter of the donation.
God is able to make all grace and be a favor and earthly blessing come to me in abundance.
I’m always, and under all circumstances, whatever the needs, I’m self sufficient.
Having enough to require no aid of support and furnished in abundance for every good work and chance of donations.
God is able to make all grace, every favor, and us and blessing coming to me and abundance.
Can you see what I’m saying?
Now, right now, God is able and is making all grace every favor and ugly blessing come to BW and a booth.
I don’t care what the economy does.
God is making all grace. Every favor and earthly blessing come to me in abundance.
The last one. Amen.
Last one is dominion over the fear of death.
Let’s put it up. That’s Hebrews.
In chapter 2, and verse 14, ready read.
Or as much been as the children our partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself, likewise, took part of the same that through death, you might destroy him that he has the power of death.
That is the death.
Alright. Who had the power of death? Does he have it now over you? Nope. Nope.
Well, I thought the Bible said in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, you got a time to die. I said, oh, yeah.
Everybody’s got the time to die. As a appointed man wants to die and then the judgment.
So everybody got to die.
Yes. Yeah.
But you set the time. Hang time.
Your subconscious mind is designed to protect what you believe.
Your subconscious mind is designed to protect what you believe.
Alright. Let’s look at that.
Let’s go to numbers and look at numbers and chapter 13. Alright?
Numbers chapter 13. And let’s look at verse 30. As to the verse 30.
So they have 2 reports here, a good report, and a what else? Yeah. Evil report. Good report.
Oh, it’s it’ll protect what’s good. Ready? Read.
And he was still the people before Moses and said, Let us go up at once and possess, or we are well able to overcome.
I got it. Alright. Now, let’s look at what the other said.
Let’s look at verse 33 and just look at what the other said. Ready, read,
And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anne, which come up the giants, and we were in our own site as grasshoppers, and so on their side.
To reports, down in the subconscious needing a rewrite, Yes. One of them.
And so what happened, your subconscious is designed to protect. What do you believe?
So if you believe this It will protect you and protect what you believe.
Now look what happened. Numbers chapter 14 verse 10, ready,
read. But all the congregation, they stoned them with stones, and the lord of the lord appeared in the tower of the congregation before all the children know is
Stop. So notice what happened. They kept saying Let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able to overcome it.
That’s down in here. The other said, we can’t do it. We’re like grasshoppers. Well, what happened?
Because they can’t saying that that we can do it. Come on.
Now we gotta get them off the scene.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
We we gotta get this preacher.
Out from preaching this prosperity to me because I believe that I’m supposed to be broke.
Now, wait a minute. Let me erase that out of my spirit. I’ll cancel it out of my spirit.
It’s not for me, I know I’m supposed to be increasing more and more me and my children.
Got it. But notice if I come too hard on something that’s your promise that you and your subconscious is gonna protect you from hearing it, you’ll get up and walk out.
Because you’ve got to be protected from me saying that to you because in your subconscious, you believe I’m telling a lie.
And I can show you if free scripture, but unless you are willing to be teachable, I can’t do anything with you, but leave you in the wilderness.
And I’m telling you right now, you’ve got a wealth gap with the black man brown people down on the bottom and the other race is up here at the top and you’re trying to close it and they don’t want you to close it.
Why? I ain’t hearing that. When you broke, you ought to hear something.
You ought to If you’ve been on a road to Mississippi and you’ve been on that road for 40 years and you haven’t gotten to Mississippi yet, won’t your lightning fast mind tell you, maybe I’m on the wrong road.
Maybe I need the vote for somebody the hell. Maybe, uh, come on now. I’m a get personal with you.
You’re voting the same people in that kept you where you are.
Do something different in the name of Jesus.
Well, I vote that way because mama vote that way.
My grandmother vote that way. And so for Well, weren’t they all broke?
That was all in the same condition you are. And you need to say, wait a minute.
I need to try something new. Same in.
Folks, This man named Lynch, William Lynch.
Will and Lynch came up away with a way of keeping slaves in slavery for another 300 years.
He said, dad, this is what you do. He said, y’all hanging your slave. You’re hanging your property.
You’re losing valuable property, hanging on why don’t you just reprogram them?
And that’s what they did, and they stayed in slavery.
And watch this passage from one generation onto another.
And I’m telling you right now, you have been released. You are out of slavery.
I said, you are out of slavery. You are released in Jesus name.
My goodness. My goodness. Yep. No.
He came up with that. Come on. And that’s what happens when you program them.
I was looking at the military channel the other night.
I look at the military channel, you know, keep my keep my muscles strong, you know, because you’re looking at some of this other weak stuff and you walk away next thing you know, you’re weak.
And so you gotta look at something. Got some some backbone to it. Right?
And so They said they had these American soldiers in the Philippines and this back in the war, and they had them in the Philippines in the prison camp, who was occupy them to Japanese who occupy in the Philip, uh, Filipian islands at that time.
So they put Americans that they call in prison.
They got them in prison, and they had stayed in prison maybe about 3 years and time was still going, but some American soldiers were not invading, uh, the pre the Philippines and were gonna rescue them.
But they were dying. Americans in the prison were dying at the rate of 2 a day. They were done.
Of what? Starvation? Starvation.
So here comes the American invaders came and rescued them got the Philippines off and so forth and were telling them, come on.
Get on the boats. Let’s go. They wouldn’t leave. They would not leave. Wow. Watch this.
The only way they got him to leave was the burn down of prison.
Now, you tell me in this mind strong.
And I’m telling you can be in poverty so long. You don’t wanna leave.
Because if you wanna leave, you’ll be like blind barter us. You see a better horizon.
You say, master, have mercy on me. And the people around them religious people say, shut up.
We’re in church, man. Don’t disturb him. He said, what? Master. Jesus. I’m talking to you.
You fixed me right. Revolution makes you a revolutionary.
Why? Because it shows you the restoration. It shows you what is yours.
And I’m telling you I’m here to preach to you to show you what belongs to you.
It don’t belong to the devil. It belongs to you. I said it belongs to you.
And we’re gonna get all the way down in that subconscious. We’re gonna reprogram. We’re gonna re script.
Come on. We’re gonna script you in a new seven bedroom home. We’re gonna script you.
See see, somebody right Oh, he’s at talk about that stuff.
That’s what you gotta see than you that god didn’t plan, and you keep coming in here I’m gonna root in.
1, praise the lord. I trusted you.
Enjoy that. Now I can. We’re talking here about 4 d. This is operating on a whole another level.
3 d is where you have time, space, and matter. These are the limits of people.
For Peter to walk on water, he had to go to 4 d.
And god’s got miracles and things that are supposed to happen in, I believe, his life.
They take 4 d thinking. But that’s what this is all about. Now, I’m talking about now the subconscious mind.
What happens with that subconscious mind? It’s program.
You know, when you have the conscious mind, you have things like something might happen in your arm kind of hits you scratch it or something.
That’s conscious mind. But the subconscious mind is where something is programmed.
In other words, this is the way you do it always. Why? Because it’s programmed in your thinking.
When you first start to learn to drive, oh, you grip this third wheel up. Are you holding it tight?
Oh, they’ll try to stay in the road But now, once you learn to drive, it’s down in your subconscious.
You just drive and praise God, the radio’s playing. You know, the the bulls are playing. Amen.
But my point to you is now it’s programmed.
It’s in that subconscious mind, but here’s the key The subconscious mind locks things in and it’ll keep everything else out.
So if you’ve been programmed for debt, then it’ll keep debt free out because that’s what it works on.
See, it works on a program. Well, you gotta reprogram it.
And one of the things that’s in the Bible is the new program. You gotta rewrite.
And so once you program it differently, watch. I’ll tell you always have more than enough. Isn’t that powerful?
So we’re gonna take time with this teaching and get you familiar with the fact that we’re gonna have a rewrite we’re gonna get this new program in your subconscious and watch this.
You’ll increase more and more. You and your children. Isn’t that powerful? Praise the lord.
Well, that’s all we have for this time. This is Bill Winchen saying, see you next time.
Until then, keep walking by faith. You’re entreathing.
You’re not gonna get the blessing to 40. When you’re entreathing, you will not have dominion.
So you gotta watch yourself in sync. Are you in three d or are you in four d?
God is gonna use you to do things that you never thought you could do.
Because he’s not gonna give you understanding, get with your mind, he’s coming in with your spirit.
Revelation gives me keys. See, there’s a key to that infirmative That’s a key to the marriage problem.
And you can get a key from god if you loan to god. He’s calling on you.
What are you doing about that? God will waiting on you. Here’s what god said. Fix it.
Something happening in your neighborhood, fix it. You’re in 4 deep. Words and words.
Where speak words over your finances. Speak big words over your bank account. Big words over your business.
Big words over your marriage. Big words. You see, we’re trying to get everything done in three d.
Folks, you are no longer in 3 d.
I came to announce you are now in 4 d in Jesus’ name.
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Today’s message will assist you in discovering that you 2 were created to live in the 4th dimension.
The 4th mention is the unseen realm of the supernatural where signs, wonders, and miracles consistently occur.
We, the church, are to bring forth the provisions, solutions, and strategies of heaven to a herding humanity from this supernatural round.
We trust that you have enjoyed today’s teaching.
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