“Understanding Before and After the Cross Truths”

“Understanding Before and After the Cross Truths”

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We unchanged.
Romans chapter 6 in verse 14.
And, um, it’s important to understand that grace teaches us.
Not them, but it teaches us, us who have entered into a place of believing. Okay?
But there are some things that we have to understand in order to see properly.
You know, some people have sight and others have vision.
And we need to be able to to to understand what’s going on here.
So verse 14, Romans 614, read it out loud together with me, ready, read, for sin shall not have dominion over you.
For you are not under the law Under grace. But you’re under grace.
So sin will not have dominion over you because you’re under grace, but it will have dominion under you over you if you are operating by the Mosaic Law.
Now people cringe when they hear about operating by the law cause there’s still a lot of Christians who believe that there’s nothing wrong with operating by the law.
The problem with operating by the Mosaic law is that you are operating the Mosaic law is not just, uh, you know, moral law, ceremonial law, Uh, the law is dealing with doing sacrifice to civil law.
Uh, all three of those make up the the Mosaic law.
But the 10 commandments, which is the moral law of god, it’s it’s eternal.
It’s it’s it’s who god is. It’s his character.
And you will hear it, you will hear it repeated by Paul in the New Testament uh, except the one about the Sabbath, because Jesus is our Sabbath.
Paul said it is still good for you to honor your mother and father. So, well, what’s the difference here?
The Mosaic law is, uh, something that is being administered by rule keeping.
So you got you got you got 10 commandments, which represents the moral law of god.
But it’s like, okay. You know, thou shall not commit adultery.
Now do these 20 things to see if you can make that come to pass.
And so the rules, rule keeping was the administrator trying to accomplish morality in your life, and it failed miserably.
So Paul begins to repeat the moral of god, but now it is going to be administered by the Holy Spirit.
Now why am I bringing this up? Things changed.
Things changed from before Jesus died on the cross, and after he died on the cross, things changed.
And we we don’t do our lives justice if you just keep reading the Bible like it’s it’s like, one, uh, one dispensation.
The it’s it’s it’s many dispensations that that’s there.
That was the dispensation you know, a a specific time, uh, and a season for a specific revelation and and an action.
And And what we what what you do is you read the bible from Genesis and you think it’s just all one dispensation, and it’s not.
And to fail to understand that, uh, you could actually say something that’s true in one dispensation that is no longer true in the other dispensation.
We are no longer under the dispensation of the law. We are under grace.
And what does that do? Now we can get born again. Nobody was born Please see this.
Nobody was born again before Jesus did his thing.
So everybody you read about including Abraham, one of the things about Abraham was, god sent Melchizedek as a priest, because there needed to be somebody to stand between Abraham and him.
Right. He he he believed god.
There was something interesting that he believed god he represent what can happen when you believe god, and he’s pointing towards what would happen in that upcoming dispensation.
But you’ve got to start understanding that if you don’t rightly divide the word, you could be preaching a truth in one dispensation, which may be not the truth where we are today.
Does that make sense? Now go with me to, um, 2nd, um, Timothy chapter 2 15.
2nd Timothy chapter 2 in in verse 15.
I’m always concerned about, uh, us doing a better job uh, with understanding the Bible, we, uh, we we gotta do a better job.
2nd Timothy chapter 2 15 uh, studied to show thyself a proof unto god, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Now how may I know if you can definitely divide the word, you can wrongly divide it. Right?
If you can rightly divide it, there’s a pea potential that you can wrongly divide it.
Now look at this in the, uh, Amplified Bible, the same verse description in the Amplified Bible.
Studied to be eager and to do your utmost to present yourself to god approved, tested by trial, a workman who has no calls to be ashamed correctly analyzing.
How many of you know if you can correctly analyze it?
There is a potential you can incorrectly analyze it.
Correctly analyzing accurately accurately dividing, rightly handling, and skillfully teaching the word of truth.
Wow. That’s that’s an awesome responsibility on a dude or dude s’s in, in the pool pit.
It’s huge responsibility in the pulpit, and and and I think it’s been taken lightly.
Any old dude that has a little charisma gets up not prepared has not understood the homologics that’s necessary to to to to rightly put principles of where they need to be and and dispensations where they need to be.
And you just get up there, uh, hollering the scriptures.
So what we do is we take we take the text out of the context, and we give the people the con.
I know people who take the text out of a context, and they’re not concerned about whether it’s true or not, they’re only concerned about if it fits their fancy title.
And that’s not good, because it sounds good.
And it gives people the rocking and rolling, and they hollering their screen, but it’s just not rightly dividing and skillfully handling the word of truth.
When I see the word of truth, my in my mind, I’m thinking which word of truth?
Are you talking about a word of truth that was true under the dispensation of the law?
Or you’re talking about the word of truth that it’s truth as a result of Jesus being raised from the dead.
Which one? And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. You gotta rightly discern that.
What is he telling? What truth makes you free? Certainly not the truth of the law.
Because he tells us you’re not free under the law.
So it has to be the truth of this gospel of grace that makes you free and and you gotta be free from something.
What is it you’re being free from?
You’re free being free from the the bundles that came by doing the law.
What’s truth, accurately dividing, rightly, and skillfully teaching the word of truth?
One of the biggest problems we have right now is Christian people haven’t been trained to read the Bible correctly.
And so you just listen to what everybody says. And and listen.
I was I’m as a form of therapist and a student of psychology, you can, you can say something and then go tell a person, there’s what the scripture says.
And I’m looking at the scripture in light of what you just told me.
With no context, you don’t define a scripture by going to the dictionary.
Context defines the scripture. What does that mean in context?
And so I wanna do a before the cross after the cross marathon this morning.
And and and and and and let me say to you, anybody you’re talking to You you might you might you might just be quiet and

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