The Dominated Nature of Sin – Wednesday Service

The Dominated Nature of Sin – Wednesday Service

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Oh, La Loya. Oh, father. We thank you, lord.
For your great love that you’ve shown toward us. Father, we receive it tonight.
We thank you, lord, that the spirit We’ll minister unto us tonight. No flesh will be glorified.
We declare that we are good ground and that the seed of your word will take root, bring forth fruit that is pleasing.
And acceptable unto you. We give you thanks and praise for the manifestation of yourself in our lives tonight in Jesus’ name.
Everybody said, hey, man. Praise god. Alright. Well, god bless you guys. You all may be seated.
Let’s go on and get right into this.
Uh, of course, I always start off as I always will, uh, honoring Doctor Dollar and Pastor Taffy and and, uh, appreciating what they’re doing.
For us in growing us up in the things of god. Amen? Amen. Praise god.
So as we get into this, we are talking about, um, we’re talking about sand, but the way that sand has been talked about in the body of Christ, it is used as a main topic and a main subject as if it is something that Christians are to forever battle with.
Or 2 forever deal with, or 2 forever face encounter, have to wrestle with, wrestle with, We’ll never get over this.
Oh my god. It’s almost like a albatross around our necks, you know, lord help us. That kinda thing.
So you’ll see in the body of Christ that there’s a lot of emphasis placed on sin, but the wrong type of emphasis.
Now we know about sin consciousness, Whereas we focus on sin that makes us sin conscious.
And then as a result of that, we find ourselves actually just kind of uh, entering into a self fulfilled prophecy, uh, where the Bible talks about the strength of sin is the law.
So therefore, when we’re trying to use sin, as a means of being conscious of it, therefore, so that we don’t do it, but yet, and still you’re conscious of it.
So that what you’re conscious of is probably that what you’re going to do.
So we it it becomes this circle or this cycle that, you know, that we find ourselves, uh, and I say we, but the, you know, the body of Christ most people in the body of Christ will find themselves dealing with this and, therefore, becoming frustrated in their walk with god.
You know, wondering if they’re saved, questioning their salvation, wondering am I in a position to even to ask god for anything because I’m not worthy, because of the sand, uh, uh, uh, tired of it.
Uh, so let’s let’s let’s break out of that.
Let’s let’s look at some things as as we dive into the word of god and see what the word has said about us.
Now there’s something here that I’m shooting for tonight. Let’s go to Ephesians 117.
There’s something that I’m shooting for.
I’m shooting for uh, 117, we’ll start in 118, if he’s in 118.
And it says here that the eyes of your understanding Being enlighten.
Now these are eyes that are different than these eyes here. These are eyes of the spirit.
These are eyes of understanding your spirit man, understanding, or really it’s it’s really your your soulless man, understanding who your spirit man already is.
You coming into this understanding, and you’d now begin to see things through spiritual eyes, not by eyes of the flesh, your eyes of your your soulless realm, but the your mind is getting renewed, therefore, your eyes begin to become eyes of understanding.
So what we’re talking about tonight, we’re gonna talk about sin, but we’re gonna talk about sin in its proper place.
We’re gonna talk about seeing how it is a, uh, a defeated foe and to piggyback on what pastor was talking about so that we will understand the context.
When we’re talking about sin, we’re talking sin nature and not the act of sinning.
Uh, because if we were talking about the act of sinning and if the act of sinning makes us sinners, then everybody in here is sinners.
Y’all got quiet on that one. All y’all would be sinners.
We all would be sinners if it was just an act that determines who you are.
Now we know that, you know, we’re not advocating sand, but that’s not it.
It’s not the act of sin, sending that we’re talking about, but we’re talking about the nature of sin.
So I don’t need to go into that in-depth because pastor has already laid a tremendous foundation, uh, on that.
But as we talk tonight, when I talk about sin, I’m talking about the sin nature and not the act of sinning.
So since that groundwork has already been laid, we can go ahead on and dive into this.
But keep in mind, in context, as I’m talking about sand, I’m talking about the sand nature, not the act of sinning.
Now go to Jude, uh, the book of Jude. It’s only one chapter versus 3 and 4.
There’s there’s when we talk about the grace of god, I’m elated on one end, and sometimes on another end, I’m kind of angry because people not understanding grace and misusing grace, and therefore causing us who are grace people to be looked at in the wrong way and in the in the wrong sense.
So as we’re reading this here in, uh, June, let’s read this in the new living, That’s really the new living translation.
I think that’ll better tell. It says different.
I have eagerly planned to write to you about the salvation we all share.
But now I find that I must write about something else urging you to defend the faith that god has entrusted once for all time to his holy people.
So he said I wanted to write to you about one thing, but I’m needing to

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