The Connection Between Grace and Resisting the Devil – Episode 2

The Connection Between Grace and Resisting the Devil – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
Your enemy takes the time unlike some Christians to develop strategy.
The same way he’ll come at me is not gonna be the same way he’ll come at you.
And the same way he come at you,
it ain’t gonna be the same way he come at me.
He developed strategy against each of us.
Then I’ll let you know how important you are in the body of Christ that your enemy has to have a AAAA, a boardroom meeting to develop a file and a strategy against you.
Now, here’s the, here’s the only problem he got. He keeps using the same file.
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This is your world. Zola’s to make it a better place.
Let every heart you today.
I think the day you recognize you have a adversary then you’ll prepare to battle him.
These two scriptures Let me see.
I didn’t let let’s read this, uh, 1st speed of 5 and 5 through 8 through in in in NLT before I move on.
This thing, it does something when you recognize, okay, I do have an adversary. He’s invisible.
I know his tools. I know where the initial battle’s gonna come from?
A lot of things can change in your life just by knowing this and withstanding these attacks.
But as long as you go around I don’t believe that. A devil.
You believe that I’m devil for real, man. No devil for real. And that is it. That’s the devil.
Trying to get you not to believe that he exists.
He said in the same way you who are younger must accept the authority of the elders, and all of you dress yourselves in humility.
As you relate to one another. 4, god opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
So humble yourselves under the mind of hand to god, and at the right time, he will lift you up in honor.
Give all your worries and cares to god for he cares about you. Stay alert.
Watch out. For your great enemy, the devil, he prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
Somebody said, well, praise the lord. I’m in church. Are you in here prying around, right, man, church?
He came to church too. Somebody all bought him with you.
So grace will cause us to win in spiritual warfare.
The devil has no defense against a child of god who knows grace.
I don’t think y’all hear what I’m saying.
The devil has no defense against a born again spirit led, spirit filled, child of god who knows grace.
None. None. Let me let me show you a illustration. 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 verse 7 through 9.
You’ll see a apostle Paul here under attack by his enemy. 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 verse 7 through 9.
He says and and at least I should be exalted above measure.
Through the abundance revelations, says I got I got more revelation than anybody.
I should be exalted. In pride that was given to me a thorn in the flesh.
So I won’t be exalted in pride.
There’s there’s thorn in my flesh, so I won’t be exalted in in pride.
And then he tells you what the thorn in the flesh was, the messenger of Satan.
Okay? Was sent to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.
Now for this thing, for Satan that was sent to buffet me, I went to god thrice or three times that it might depart from me.
Now this is interesting, because I know a lot of times in my life, I’ve gone to god for certain things Hamlet, lord.
Get this off me. Stop this.
And he said to Paul, My grace is more than enough.
My grace is sufficient in this situation. What situation? And getting the devil, the handling the devil.
My grace is sufficient. For my strength is made perfect god’s strength is made perfect in weakness.
So Paul says, most gladly, therefore, now that I know this, now that I know that’s that that’s Satan sent to buffet me, and that grace is enough to take care of this, most gladly, therefore, will I rather glory in my infirmities?
Why? That the power of Christ may rest upon me.
Go to verse 10, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities. Say, what?
In reproaches, in necessities, in persecute.
See, everything that could happen in life now, he has been given the answer to battle the enemy that that that came to buffet him, to torment him, to to speak to him, he says, even in persecution, even in distresses for Christ’s sake, for when I’m weak, here’s what I now know.
Ben, am I strong? How does he know that?
Because god just told him, my grace is sufficient for you.
I need everybody here to say, my grace, god grace is sufficient for me.
So what does that mean? That means no matter what you face in life. Know your grace.
No. Your grace.
And Grace is the person, and his name is Jesus. Is Jesus.
So now Again, where is the battleground? It’s the the it’s the arena of your mind.
You see that in Paul that that was the battleground.
There was no actual physical devil coming up and jumped on Paul’s back.
The attack was in his mind.
The attack I mean, think about what Paul had to be thinking about.
They the word is already sent out. They want to kill me. Understand.
They they they they’re they they they stoned Paul, they whips stomp, uh, whip Paul, they threw Paul off a cliff.
Okay? So when he would go into cities, it wasn’t going in, you know, and being celebrated.
I’m sure he was going in like, oh, Jesus. Yeah.
This guy was dependent on Grace, and Grace gave him confidence and grace made him fearless because he knew it won him.
It was gonna be Jesus that would take care of him. Now let’s go to a father.
Now this is this is this is key.
The first place that your enemy will attack, I say it again, is your mind.
He’s going to attack your thinker your filler, your chooser.
He’s gonna attack your thinker in your mind. Your filler, your emotions, your chooser, your choices.
That’s why that’s that’s the attack. Please see this this is the reality of the battle.
Your thinker, your filler, your chooser, especially your filler.
Now your mind is the arena of the battleground for life’s output.
So whatever comes out of your life or let me say it like this.
Whatever comes out into your life? Let me say it like this. Whatever your life is.
But whatever your life becomes, is a result of what happened in the battle of the mind.
The battle of your mind. The mind is the arena.
It’s the bright background for life’s output. Satan’s fighting for a different output.
Life’s output comes as a result of the battle in the mind. Oh my god.
Get this, man. You will lose or win in life based on how you handle the fight in the battle of your mind.
Winning and losing in life. Winning and losing in life based on how you handle the battle in the mind.
Now you’ll think about the different attacks you got going on in your in your head every day.
Sometimes when you wake up, check your cell message. You got an attack going on.
You got an attack going on. Well, your husband just got arrested. Oh, god dog.
I got him at last Friday. There’s an attack going on.
I don’t know what it is. What what’s the attack? What’s the attack? Just find out your job closing.
Uh you know, one of your friends left you a smart message. What you mean?
And don’t you can’t have no talk on those texts because you you have misinterpreted.
They might forget to put the little smiley thing.
And then you don’t jump the fan. They’re like, oh, what what’s you saying?
Your life’s output for that day is constantly in your mind constantly in your mind.
There’s always something happening. There’s always something going on, somewhere in your family.
See, someone says, why why does family attack so much?
Because it ain’t gonna bother you if Satan uses somebody that you don’t know.
You’re just gonna look at him, Mike. Something wrong with him.
Gone about your business. But to but to try to get your family to do stuff, people that are close to you, people you know, get them to do stuff, get them to say stuff, stuff happening with them.
I mean, you hear about stuff happening all the time in the Newgee about everything, but when it comes to home, Satan trying to get in your house.
So he can play with their minds.
Not everybody rejoices with you when you get a new house.
Satan uses that as an opportunity. Let me see here.
I believe I ain’t getting in that arena now. Not everybody think you got a cute kid.
Oh, that beep is so precious.
That that that means something else. That’s a cold.
Now let them call your baby Precious. That’s a cold.
You laugh, but it’s it’s your enemy takes the time unlike some Christians to develop strategy.
The same way he’ll come at me is not gonna be the same way he come at you.
And the same way he come at you, it
ain’t gonna be the same way he come at me.
He developed strategy against each of us.
That ought to let you know how important you are in the body of Christ, that your enemy has to have a, a, a, a, a, a boardroom meeting to develop a file and a strategy against you.
Now here’s the here’s the only problem he got. He keep using the same file.
And you, because of your lack of development and maturity, keep being subject to the same file, because you won’t grow You won’t develop.
You won’t learn nothing. You won’t come to church, but once a year, you ain’t hearing no word, and you ain’t getting no word.
And you’re out of the presence of the word.
And so you’re not developing, so he don’t need to have no new strategy meeting for you.
He just said, you’ll never find because it works against them every single time.
You’re sitting here listening to me, explaining to you why your life is what it is today.
And while I am talking, there’s a strategy meeting of all those who’ve been assigned against you to come up with a strategy to counter what you’re hearing.
But since you can’t see nothing and since you can’t feel nothing, you don’t think it’s a big deal.
But I don’t know why you’re looking for some because they’re human beings that do strategy against you, and you still can’t see it.
You think you ought to know when you’re being conned by now.
Somebody called you and say, you’re not ever worn out for your arrest.
And if you wanna avoid the warrant, I need a credit card number.
The only person that’s gonna give a credit card numb number is somebody that did something last night that he was hoping to know about to find out about and fear moved them into doing something stupid in foodies like that.
Anybody asking you for anything concerning your privacy, your your your your your your Social Security number, your anytime somebody asks you to over the telephone, don’t get into them.
We gonna turn your phone off.
If you don’t, we’ll turn it off then because I don’t know who you are.
Quit being so gullible. We have found $20,000.
All we need is your bank account number so we come on.
Y’all Oh, we need this old bank account number so we can put it in there.
Oh, I need that money. You ain’t getting that money. You ain’t got no money.
The Devil didn’t found him a earth suit, and he is using that earth suit to get in you and to get some things to help compensate your mind.
Stop. Ain’t nobody giving you nothing.
Now I’m I’m gonna get to something right now that’s gonna ask some clarity on some stuff I said, and I and I have to show this to you in scripture.
So let’s look at the battle in the mind.
How do you handle and fight in the battle of your mind? Proverbs 23 and 7.
Now I I won’t finish this, but I’ll get as as many in as I can.
Proverbs 23 and 7. Alright.
Now look what it says. The devil hates this.
But, see, people won’t preach it because you don’t get a lot of hollering and screaming.
I’m glad you’re listening. You gotta listen. Alright.
Now, sometimes when they end when when they when they change, um, from one interpretation or language into another one.
Sometimes they get the punctuations mixed up.
Several places I found in the Bible where the comma was in the wrong place.
And this is one of them as well. Uh, that’s why I could never understand the scripture.
He says, for as he thinketh, in his heart.
So as he eat, drink, say if he, to thee, but in his heart, he is he is not with thee.
The context statement proves it. Comma should be after thinketh.
For as he thinketh, comma, then what happens as a result of him thinking?
In his heart, he will be, as he thinks.
Your heart is going to be an infected, in some cases, and affected by how you think as a man thinketh, than in his heart.
So is he? Who you are in your heart is based on what you what’s what you’re thinking.
So what are you thinking about? That’s what’s making you. That’s that’s your life output.
Your life output is coming from what you are thinking about the majority of the time.
As a man thinking in his heart, so is he?
You are in your heart what you appear to be doing in your head. You’re thinking.
Okay? Now, now watch this. This is interesting. Uh, go to Proverbs 4 23 in the NLT.
Proverbs 4 23 in the NLT. We really got to start thinking about what we’re thinking about.
And for some and some for some people, and and maybe even the generation we’re in right now, this is something that is not significant in their thinking.
It’s like, I don’t believe none of that, but I can, I can absolutely prove it to you if I could spend a week with you and look at your outputs I can tell you what’s going on in your head?
Look at your output. Listen to what you say.
I can tell you what’s going on in your head.
That’s all that’s all a therapist should be trained to do. Listen. Tell me about yourself.
You wanna wanna know session stops off like that.
Because when you tell me about yourself, I’ve been trained to know how you had to think in order to get there.
He says, guard your heart above all else.
Put a guard over your heart above everything else. Why?
Because out of your heart is the output for your life.
But we gotta get something in your head to get it in the heart to determine the output.
So the fight is who’s going to eventually be responsible for the software?
To determine the output.
Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life.
Stuff ain’t just happening to you? You just ain’t got bad luck.
Whatever’s happening to you is happening to you systematically.
Next words. Avoid all perverse talk.
Stay away from corrupt speech. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.
We’re living in a generation of rap Go back when rap music started.
Not all rap movies, music is bad. Go back when the crazy rap music started.
Go somewhere where you can get some evidence of what was going on in society and crime rates and all that stuff.
They will fit together like a hand on a glove. But nobody cares.
Because mammon came in to make sure you don’t care. Mammon is not money.
Mammon is the demon behind money that says, we don’t need god. We we need money.
And Satan says, I’ll give you another another anointing. Mammoth says, trust money. Don’t trust god.
Mammons says, forget about anything god’s telling you to do.
Don’t trust what god’s telling you to do. Trust what you got to do to get your bag.
So what I’m talking about is not just church talk.
It can be proven that there is some relationship between dedemonics influence in society, and what people are tuning into.
Society. It’s like it is systematically. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Satan’s come up here. And the and missing a void, all perverse to why would he say that?
Cause he knows that is going to be something that if he gets in the heart, it can get into society.
It can be the output into life. Stay away from corrupt speech.
We applaud it We want it.
How are you again too deep? You just getting too deep.
Alright. Let’s just back it up so you can go home and test it yourself. Look at your life.
And trace. Go ahead and record a day of y’all talking. No. No. No.
You don’t believe me? Record a day of y’all speech.
And look at your life, and whatever’s going on in your life is lining up with what’s coming out of your mouth every day.
My wife and I talk every time we get in the car, we now have to pray god’s protection when we get in a car.
It can’t just be getting a car and go to the store. Uh-huh.
We gotta pray that we can get to the store safely Pray that he can take care of us while we’re in the store trying to give some bread.
Pray that he cover us when we check out.
And pray he take care of us all the way back home.
Why? Cause it’s crazy.
And what we wanna do is dismiss god from all of this and just say, this is how the world is.
Doon allow the enemy to access your life through the distraction, and suggestions.
Learn how to identify deception and defeat it in this powerful 4 message series safeguards from deception, creflo dollar unveils how to defeat deception.
There’s not one attack from the devil can be anywhere else, but in your head.
When you keep your eyes on Jesus, even though you’re in the physical world, you move into another dimension of operation, and the devil knows That’s why he wants your eyes everywhere else except on Jesus, but stop focusing on Jesus.
Start seeing Jesus as everything and Jesus is your everything.
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