The Clean Break for Harvest – Living in the Fourth Dimension Volume 3 Part 1

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If you’re in treaty, you’re not gonna get the blessing to 40.
When you’re in treaty, you will not have the menion, so you gotta watch yourself and see.
Are you in three d? Are you in four d?
God is gonna use you to do things that you never thought you could do.
Because he’s not gonna give you understanding, yes, with your mind, he’s coming in with your spirit, revelation gives me keys.
See, there’s a key to that affirmative. There’s a key to the married problem.
And you can get a key from god if you belong to god. He’s calling on you.
What are you doing about that. God, we’re waiting on you. Here’s what god said. Fix it.
Something happening on your neighborhood. Fix it. You’re in four d. Words, man. Words. Words.
Speak words over your finances. Speak. Big words over your bank account. Big words over your business.
Big words over your marriage. Big words. You see, we’re trying to get everything done in three d.
Folks, you are no longer in three d.
I came to announced you are now in four d in Jesus’ name.
You’re going back to the place where your spirit is designed to produce.
Your hands and body is designed together. Think about it.
Speaking to a fig tree, the fig tree, when they came back the next day, what was the condition of the fig tree?
Jesus spoke to it, and the next day, it had dried up from the roots, from the unseen. Yes.
Got it? Who touched it? No. Nobody. But your spirit accomplished that.
Come on here. So I said to you, look, ma, no hands.
So you can do things in another level, you can get a mate without a date.
I’m saying you don’t need to be out here kissing all these men to find out who loves you you can get a mate without a dick.
You can get healed without a bill.
So what am I saying here?
Do you know There’s a there’s a whole another level you can live on that god has provided for you to live on that will distinguish you from the world.
So be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Because your mind won’t let you go. See?
And so we gotta get there because there are things that, uh, going on in the earth that these things, these problems are not gonna be able to be solved on the same level that they were created.
Come on.
You’re gonna have to go to another love. And god’s got you built for this purpose.
That’s right.
Say amen. Amen. So your mind that know how much your spirit can do.
So here is Moses and Moses said, wait a minute.
It’s 600,000 footmen, meaning 600,000 men that were twenty years old and older, he said, and I’m not counting the 2 women and children, the same thing in John chapter 6.
He said, freedom. He said, It’s 5000 men plus who, women, and children. Same thing.
And so he’s saying, uh, there’s a way you can feed them.
And Moses, he god told him, says, did the lord’s hand wax short?
And what it do, he uses Moses.
Next thing you know, boom, he’ll come quail up out of the sea.
So god decides what he wants and speaks to what he wants you to come from.
And but he’s got to do it through you because he said, let them have Dominion.
See, if he said that, that means that he can’t come in without your permission.
Is it the right group I’m talking to?
So I’m saying god is gonna use you to do things that you never thought you could do.
Say amen. You’re about to have more understanding than all your teachers.
In because he’s not gonna give you understanding and guess with your mind, he’s coming in with your spirit.
Your spirit can commune with god and get answers that your mind never thought of.
God says that he’s the only wise god. Do you remember that?
A wise god cannot have stupid kids. Say, I’m a child of god. And I’m smart.
I have the answer in the name of Jesus. Alright.
So your mind cannot conceive of the power that can come through your spirit.
It just it it it’s hard to process that in the mind because the first thing you say is I can’t do that.
Well, when you say that, you shut your spirit down.
Next thing is he said, occupy to Lycom. Occupied.
Now That means that I’m going to advance and hope.
If you’re in the military, you got to advance and hold.
General Patton had to advance and hold. Now we’re in the kingdom of god.
So the kingdom of god is about to advance and hold. You got what I’m saying?
Where there were drug dealers that are there, they’re not gonna be there tomorrow, because we’re coming into that Vance and Hollow.
Mountain sovereignty, say mountain. Mountain sovereignty. So let’s say you got 7 mountains.
And in this mountain, every one of those mountains, is a certain particular area of society, education mountain, economic mountain, political mountain, media mounted, entertainment, uh, 7 mountains.
Now the church supposed to be at the top of every mountain.
That’s what’s coming up. Save into that.
And for you to be there, you can’t get there by somebody just putting you there, it takes performance to get there.
Amen. But, see, when god works with you you’re gonna perform better than anybody else. Amen.
Now whoever’s at the top of the mountain rules the mountain. Alright.
Let’s go to the first section. 1, coming out of Egypt.
Now Egypt, in this case, is not a place It’s a mindset.
It’s a mindset. I gotta come out of the mindset of Egypt.
So you gotta first be born again.
And when I’m born again, I’m now gonna get water baptized. See, I confess Christ.
Water baptized. What am I doing? I’m splitting the red sea. See, I’m going down and coming up.
I’ve seen people that weren’t totally hooked on cocaine, go down, come up, and the cocaine desires go.
This one man had a pint of whisky, and he he had it in his back pocket when we put his baptism gown on, he did he wanted to keep his whiskey.
So he stuck his whiskey under the garments, you know.
And then we baptized them, and this whiskey bottle came up to the top of the water, you know.
What we separated him from the whiskey box.
Say four d, See, we baptizing in 4 day.
We’re not baptizing in 3 days. Father, son, and the holy ghost is one name. Jesus.
And once we baptize in one name, we come up four d takes over.
And I’ve seen people in the wheelchair, we take them and put them in the water, baptize them, and they stand up in the tub and walk upstairs.
Because that’s 4 d. Same into that.
So in this coming out of Egypt, once you come out, now I had to come out Uh, I got born again, and now I began to study the kingdom of god.
Jesus taught the kingdom. So what happened is that I was working for a company called IBM.
I had been in military and flying fighters came and worked for IBM selling computers.
But I first started selling them, wasn’t selling anything. I mean, I I I was drying up.
Because they they were paying me a salary as a as a trainee, and and, uh, computers but it was just barely making it.
And so I’m trying to figure out, you know, what am I gonna do here?
So I went on quota, meaning that they gave me a certain amount to sell, and then they cut my salary in half so I could make the other up on commission.
But I wasn’t making it. And I’m telling you it’s getting worse and worse.
I’m borrowing money here, borrowing money there. So what did I do?
I cried out one night, and god heard my cry. And he sent somebody by my place of work.
She took me to the meeting a meeting on the north side of Chicago, I got saved. Got saved.
I received Jesus as my lord and savior. Now the devil is no longer my daddy.
But now my heart cries out Abba father.
See, that means And so he knows that god now is my father.
So I’m teachable now and teaching me the things.
And so now I’m learning the things of the kingdom, and I’m getting revelation, not just information.
See, before I could get the before, when I wasn’t saved, I could read the Bible and get some information.
But once I got born again, I’ve got access to revelation.
Now, this is what he’s talking about over here in Matthew chapter 16, and look what he says here starting at verse 18.
Ready Reid.
And I say I also want to be that thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against him.
Alright. Alright. So he’s gonna bill his church on this rock, rock of what? Revelation.
See, revelation makes you a rock. It makes you solid.
It makes you somebody say, well, you know, speaking in tongues has passed away, I I answer them like this.
You see what I’m saying?
See, they can’t take me the other way because I got revelation. I just don’t have information.
Information changes on you. Revelation is solid. Yes. Alright. Look at verse 19, Ready Read.
I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.
And whatsoever, thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.
And whatsoever, thou shall lose honor shall be losing her.
Now if I got revelation, Satan’s gates can stop my forward progress.
And I can occupy. If I’ve got revelation because revelation gives me keys.
See, there’s a key to that infirmity. The the come on.
There’s a key to that marriage problem.
And you can get a key from god if you belong to god.
You see what I’m saying? Yes. So put it up in the CV, please.
The CV ready. Read. Uh, Now who’s in charge here?
We are. We are the stuff that we’re seeing going on in the schools and they’re teaching those little kids about things in those book and and and sexual things and so forth, we’re in charge.
The things that’s happening in politics, we’re in charge. The thing, are you father what I’m saying?
I’m saying, don’t call on god. He’s calling on you. What are you doing about that.
God, we’re waiting on you. Here’s what god said. Fix it. That’s right. Woah. I like that. Fix it.
And on your neighborhood, fix it. Come on. Come on.
Something happening with your your on a team, fix it.
Anything going wrong, you can fix it because you’re in charge of the whole Alright.
I gotta get somewhere now. Alright. Y’all with me? Yes.
So I had to get revelation, and I started getting revelation of sowing and reaping.
I started seeing a principle of the kingdom in sowing and reaping.
And I had to find out that if I wanted to go up,
I don’t have to sew up.
I’m gonna have to sew up. So I start sewing for increase.
And all of a sudden, business start picking up Yes, sir.
To picking up I pointed at my bills.
And all of a sudden, supernaturally, business started picking up so much I’m paying the bills off.
Say amen. Now, I don’t owe any man anything, but to love it.
Are you with me here? Yes. But notice I’m doing it by what? Revelation.
See, I’m getting in the word of god.
I’m not just reading it and coming in and quoting scripture with pastor, what I’m doing is going home, and I’m gonna meditate this thing day and night because I’m getting out of this debt.
Come on. I’m gonna meditate it because I’m gonna get my man.
See, your man ain’t in here. Your man is in the Bible. Your man. Yeah. Come on now.
Roo Ruth didn’t go out looking for no man. Ruth just said, Your god shall be my god.
Am I right about it? And if she just hooked up with god, god will give her the desires.
Somebody over here about to get do hookah.
Let can can we keep going here? Alright. Now, watch this.
So not only did business pick up, but it picked up to the point that I was now in a position that my boss came to me and say, hey.
Can you help me out this month? Now notice I’m going to the top of the mountain now.
Uh, I’m tall hog at the trough.
And and so I said, yeah, I can help you in this and notice, boom, went on up, And next thing you know, I’m a tough salesman downtown Chicago in this office.
Oh, you follow what I’m saying.
Now, So I’d had revelation inside of the world’s system.
Meaning, that I’m still in the world, but I’m not of the world.
Because what they’re paying me was was not even close to what I was making. Yes. Yes. See?
So I’m proving that I don’t need your pay.
See, now I’m not putting a demand on the boss for for increase because the increase may be 2% 3% 4% am I right about it?
No. No. I’m doubling tripling the whole thing.
Because I got revelation and unhook from Egypt. Egypt was no longer holding me. Right.
So now I’m really existing independent of the system. You see what I’m saying?
This system could no longer tell me how much I could make. Did you send them out?
I was a big spender. I mean, I’d go out and ask you what you want.
He said, oh, I want this this and that. That’s okay. No problem here. Give them a $300.
Go ahead and buy what you want. Let me go back on another side.
But my point here is is that now the system wasn’t determining how much I could have economically.
Now, I’m in charge of my life.
Not some bureaucrat or some politician or not some demonic control system.
I’m in charge of my life. I’m the captain of my shift.
And it’s time for you to be the same way.
But you need revelation.
So Now, this whole idea about revelation is I wanna make sure that I’m I’m seeing where I’m going.
Yes. And revelation will show you that so that you’ll be comfortable making the step say amen to this.
And the step of faith is not blind faith. Faith can see better than your natural eyes.
So you can make a step.
So now after I after I manage the money, and money not managing me.
Now god gives me the peace. He said, leave IBM.
So I got a leaf, and they offered me a job to stay with IBM.
I could still have a church And they could be the liaison for the company for the city.
I said, thank you, Jesus. I go home and pray God said, that wasn’t me that said that.
See, he won’t you to make a clean break. See, no. No.
He does not want any other person to be responsible for making you rich.
He wants that responsibility himself.
Uh, see, a lot of times somebody else wanted to get the credit, well, and so forth, well, he did this over God doesn’t want that.
With me, he wanted me to be able to point at him.
Just like Abraham did, when you had the king trying to give Abraham some Abraham say you can’t give me nothing, homie.
He said, Listen. He said, I will not you can’t even give me a shoe length.
He said, if I let you do that, the next thing you’ll say, is I made Abraham rent.
And I’m telling you you’re gonna be like Abraham.
You don’t need nobody to make you rich but almighty god. You ain’t gonna owe nobody nothing.
Now this takes revelation.
Not information. Information can get you there. Because you you you you saw stumbling at inflammation.
So you’re trying to trying to trying to keep up with the Jones You better get your own revelation.
You don’t leave your job because Bill Winston left him.
You better leave it because you can see another reality Well, I’m just gonna copy the bill.
Yeah. Okay. If you can’t use your faith with a job, you’re gonna starve without one.
Alright. So now I gotta leave.
And I gotta leave the company.
And I left the company, and we came to this city with about, $200 and revelation.
I said, and revelation.
Put the building up that we first came in, put it back up there again.
This is the kind of building that god sent me to.
We didn’t have a $200 Look, went down there, and somebody stole our car 1 night.
We was casting out devils, and the devil got in my car and it off.
He’s trying to discourage me, but I’m telling you when you got revelation, you cannot be stopped.
You keep moving ahead because you know what day the gates of ham got to open and give you what god has for you.
Praise the lord.
I trust that you enjoyed that teaching. Now that’s living in the 4th dimension. We’re talking about 4 d.
We’re talking about coming up beyond time, space, and matter.
In other words, those things don’t hold you back any longer. Wear take treatments, treatments are over.
Please god is going to come and shrink all that down to one moment in time.
You know what I mean? But it’s a powerful teaching.
Now, this is talking about revelation, how revelation can be the key.
Um, Jesus said over in Matthew chapter 16, upon this rock, how Bill my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
I mean, you’ve you’ve heard that scripture, but that rock is a rock of Revelation. See, revelation makes you solid.
It makes you so that wherever you’ve been struggling with things, trying to get your marriage straight or whatever, get revelation.
Is the key that’ll open any door. It’s powerful teaching. Get this teaching today. You’ll be blessed by it.
Well, this is Bill Winston saying, we’ll see you next time. Until then, keep walking by faith.
If you’re intriguing, you’re not gonna get the blessing to 40.
When you’re in that you will not have dominion.
So you gotta watch yourself and see, are you in three d or are you in four d?
God is gonna use you to do things that you never thought you could do because he’s not gonna give you understanding death with your mind.
He’s coming in with your spirit revelation gives me keys. See, there’s a key to that affirmative.
A key to the marriage problem.
And you can get a key from god if you belong to god. Each call on you.
What are you doing about that? God, we’re waiting on you. Here’s what god said. Fix it.
Something happening on your name hood fix it. You in four d. Words words.
Words speak words over your finances. Speak big words over your bank account.
Big words over your business. Big words of your marriage. Be words.
You see, we’re trying to get everything done in three d.
Folks, you are no warmer in three deep.
I came to announce you are now in four deep in Jesus’ name.
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Praise God. I thank you for helping me to stretch my faith and to believe that God can do more than I can ask or edge.
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