Rise With GOD’s Influence – Living In The Fourth Dimension Vol 3

Rise With GOD’s Influence – Living In The Fourth Dimension Vol 3

Living in the Fourth Dimension, volume 3, by Dr. Bill Winston, will assist you in discovering that you too were created to live in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the unseen realm of the supernatural where signs, wonders and miracles consistently occur. We, the Church, are to bring forth the provision, solutions and strategies of heaven to a hurting humanity from this supernatural realm.

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If you’re in treaty, you’re not gonna get the blessing to 40.
When you’re in treaty, you will not have dominion. So you gotta watch yourself and see.
Are you in 3 d or are you in 4 d?
Are is gonna use you to do things that you never thought you could do because he’s not gonna give you an understanding, get with your mind, he’s coming in with your spirit.
Revelation gives me keys. See, there’s a key to that affirmative There’s a key to the marriage problem.
And you can get a key from god if you belong to He’s calling on you.
What are you doing about that? God will waiting on you. Here’s what god said. Fix it.
Something happened in your neighborhood. Fix it. You’re in four d. Words and words. Words.
Speak words. Don’t be a funny to speak big words over your bank account. Big words over your business.
Big words over your marriage. Big words. You see are trying to get everything done in three d.
Folks, you are no longer in three d.
I came to announce you are now in four d in Jesus’ name.
You got to say, what minute, I’m gonna hear god. Why do people fail?
They fast to quiet down this flesh. If you look at Proverbs, Proverbs chapter 7, and verse 8.
Look what it says. Ready. Read.
Passing through the street near her corner, and he went the waves of her house.
In the twilight in the evening, in the black and dark night, and behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot and scuttle of heart.
She is loud and stubborn. Her feet abide, not in her house.
Stop. Right there. Alright. Now there’s is talking about a woman from a house of ill repute.
She’s loud and stubborn. And that’s a characteristic of the flesh.
It’s trying to draw you in to what god didn’t say.
And I cannot can I talk with you?
And and that’s where people make their mistakes.
They’re sucked in by this this this woman that allowed trying to call you, and that’s a flesh.
The flesh, the spirit wants to go to Bill Winston Service, and the flesh wants to go to the river boat.
And the flesh is loud the flesh is stubborn. You know, and the war is between those 2.
And sometimes you got to turn the plate over to silence that woman to make her stop shoveling that so you can come on the church and learn what how and let’s conduct your life.
Is this the right group I’m talking to? I’m saying very seductivecy. Yes.
And he stayed with Eve. He said, Eve, did god really say He tries to make you question the scripture.
Come on, man. The scripture says that if you tied No. I appreciate it. That’s what the scripture says.
Not Now, this is the Holy Spirit. Now, he ain’t gonna tell you nothing god didn’t say.
He’s gonna tell you time cause I’ll take care of you. If you touch, amen.
But that woman, it don’t tell you You need that for this and uh, if you just obey god, more often, preach it too hard, See, some some of y’all don’t like the way I’m preaching.
I feel a little pushback now.
I didn’t feel any while ago, but I feel just a little bit now. But that’s alright. He’s got patience.
He’s gonna wait on you.
Because he knows when you get out there and soap your foot enough, he knows that pretty soon, you’re gonna say, what I doing wrong?
I’ve been on the road to Mississippi for 40 years, and I haven’t gotten that yet.
I must be messing up some way then watch, you’re gonna repent, and you’re gonna say, where did I miss it?
God will come on in. Let me show you where you can make a for the time you lost.
Give god a praise because that’s what it was.
Take Thank god for patience. Alright.
One word from god could change your life forever.
Now, Satan knows that So he tries to block the voice of god. Try to block it out the revelation.
Same into that. But I declare right now, as David said, lord, open their eyes that they may behold wondrous things out of thy law.
In the name of Jesus, from this day forward, your eyed will be open.
You will hear the voice of god clearly, and only that voice are you gonna follow.
And, Jesus, I’ll Amen.
Now let’s keep going. Now I’m not trying to offend you.
You know what I mean? I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Yes. Because you got 2 minds.
You got a mind of the flesh and mind of the spirit.
And you gotta understand that flesh is strong, that flesh is loud, so forth, because we’ve been used to following that.
That’s why, uh, Satan tempted Jesus. Because Jesus had one on him. Flash. He had flesh.
He knows you got flesh. That flesh was born of a woman. That flesh came from a woman.
That flesh came from a sinful generation. Yes.
And he knew if that flesh was on somebody, he could be tempted. So Jesus got tempted.
But every time he said, what? Get thee behind me, Steve. And I’m saying you can say the same thing.
Get thee behind He tried to tempt you with a piece of strawberry cake about 11 o’clock at night.
Get the behind me, Satan. Try to Do you hear me? Do you hear what I’m saying?
Oh, no. Next, we’re moving up to a new level of influence by producing to the spirit because god’s gonna resupply this earth through the spiritual method.
Now moving up in influence, uh, by the production of the spirit, How how did I get here?
Uh, god said, why don’t you go to Chicago? I said I only have, uh, $200.
$200. $200. Okay.
But god was talking to my spirit.
And I obeyed god by my spirit. Yes. Because if I had logically Uh-huh.
Thought about what to do, I probably would not have done it. Why?
Because many times, god’s way seem foolish, as we’ve tried to logically, uh, be processed them.
So I had to obey god out of my spirit. Now, I’m still obeying god Uh-huh.
Out of my spirit. Because there are some people didn’t think that he told me to do 10 cities.
See yep. Yep. There there are people There are people that kind of doubted that thing.
And if watch this, when we couldn’t get in here, we’re down the other Texas.
They said, you can’t have services in that mall. I had to hear god.
I went I said, god, what I do said, pray in the spirit.
He said, go a man early and wake up early and pray in the spirit. Boom.
I gotta wake up early sometime because the at daybreak, that’s when Jacob rassled.
You gotta get up before the tussle starts.
And so what happened is I prayed in the spirit Now, this is, uh, according to Proverbs chapter 20 and verse 5, I pulled something up out of the well.
Yes. See, because god’s talking to you. He’s not gonna let you be out there without him. Yeah.
He Jesus said, lord, I’m with you. Oh. Always. He he’s there. Yes. He’s got answers for you.
The Holy Ghost is in you. And so I pulled it up out of my spirit.
It says, read, go to visit the mayor and read Romans 13 for one through 5 to the mayor.
I could have said right there, that doesn’t make sense. Did it? No.
It didn’t make sense. Make faith and I got little resistance. I’d like to This is, uh, uh, Reverend Winston.
I’d like to talk to the mayor today about, uh, uh, Reverend, is this about that going in that building?
I I said yes, sir. He said, well, she’s busy today. I said, wait wait a minute.
Wait a minute, sir. I said, we just purchased the largest piece of property in this village.
I said, I demand to see my men. See, I had to keep knocking.
Now all that’s being led by the spirit Are you following what I’m saying?
I got it in and just read something.
Next thing I know, Mayor jumps up like, seeing a ghost or something and all kinds of things.
Let me see the building commissioner with. Rafael, I don’t know what to do.
They have just voted and a law has been passed that you cannot have that. A law was passed.
A law was passed. I’m telling you we can undo laws that have been passed.
I’m a talk about it in a minute. You got to hear what I’m saying.
But but under this this this spiritual influence, all of a sudden, I get this thing I just prayed for you.
And the congressman says, this this man is valuable, not only to this community, he’s valuable to what?
The nation. And the and they’re saying that. Amen. Cause when you’re in 4 d Yes.
When you’re in out of the spirit, you will arise in influence.
Look what he said.
Here’s influence, John chapter 6 and verse 2. Freddy Read.
And a great multitude of fraud because they saw his miracles, which he did on them that were received.
Stop right there. He saw miracles where the miracles come out of. They came out of 4 d.
They came out of his spirit. And because of that multitudes start gathering, and now gather wherever you are.
If you start performing miracles, come on. Out of 4 d.
You see, we’re trying to get everything done in 3 d. Folks, you are no longer in 3 d.
I can’t to announce you are now in four d in Jesus’ name, and you’ll be there for the day you leave this earth.
Now, give god a praise for that.
Cause this day, I have just decreed it, and it’s in your life right now.
You won’t speak things into existence. I’m telling people, listen.
Take your bills Put them on the table. They’re still people that heard me. They didn’t do that yet.
Put them on the table. I said, now, listen, don’t you do is just back off of them and speak to them.
Speak to your bills. Say bills. I’m talking to you. In Jesus’ name, I commend you. Be paid off.
That that that direction didn’t come out of my head. That direction came out of my spirit.
And if you’ll just do what the prophet said, do. You’ll get the results that you are looking for today.
Natural influence.
All the people, multitudes coming. I’m going overseas. I’ve got to go to India now.
We’re going 1st, we’re gonna hit Dubai a bunch of preachers, and and then we’re gonna here, I’m telling you, we’re gonna move all across that whole land.
But I’m saying, I there was a time I was down at Leggablast show the picture.
I was down at Leggab Alaska. No. You got the hit, but every step was out of my spirit.
There was no step out of my mind. I didn’t have the mind to know what to do.
I just followed god. God told me here we were buying a copier, a tabletop copier.
It couldn’t help us so much, but we’re in the infancy. We appeared Madison Street.
And the guy, he’s he got the contract and he filled out the contract.
Linda guy said, now we gotta church, uh, special. I said, okay. What is it?
It’s you can pass over this many months.
And so far, the church right down the street signed up for that.
I said, oh, boy, that sounds logical. Wow. I said, okay. I said, put me down. Let’s sign something.
I signed it, and then he went on back and the copier was to be delivered the next week or the next week.
And he came downstairs. The truck was there with the copier, and he came upstairs.
He said, oh, uh, Doctor Wintz, uh, Ram Wintz, we got, uh, we got the copier downstairs. I said, okay.
Since you’ve been gone, the Holy Spirit has talked to me. And the Holy Spirit said, pay cash for it.
Uh, he said, no. No. No. You can’t do that. Now, you’ve already signed this agreement.
I said, well, keep the copy. I don’t want the copy.
See, I’m thinking not to spend all my money because there ain’t no more.
There’s plenty in god’s house, man. There But it’s, uh, you kidding me?
Okay. Sit down.
Sit down. Yeah. It was two van.
And the guy said, well, uh, you’re looking for a van rather than let’s just say, yeah.
Here, we got one here. Now it’s got nothing in it.
It’s just, you know, kind of a shell and it’s because seats are hard and so forth.
Now we got one over here. Now, this is a luxury van now. But get some costs.
Uh, it costs quite a bit more than that one. I I said, okay. I said, praise the lord.
Praise the lord. I said, I said, well, now I’m looking looking at money now.
I’m looking at the wrong thing. I’m looking at this logic up here.
I said, well, let let’s Just give me that one. It does right here. He said, okay.
Well, we’ll get the paperwork drafted up, and, uh, we’ll have it ready for you, uh, day after tomorrow.
I said, okay. I went home. God said, wait a minute.
He said, do you want a ride to Cleveland in that? Why he picked Cleveland I have no idea.
I said,

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