How to be Motivated by God – Episode 2

How to be Motivated by God – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
The attack is do you believe god loves you?
Because if you believe god loves you, your faith will work because you recognize that god loves you.
I know god loves me. Therefore, I know I’m healed. I know god loves me.
Therefore, I know he’ll take care of this situation. I know god loves me. Therefore, he’ll save my family.
I know god loves me everything that god promised and everything in the faith of god and your faith for god is based on you believing that he loves you.
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Our mentality, ministers and leaders and youth conference will all take place during great life.
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This is your world. So let’s how to make it a better place.
Let every heart than me is now. You uh.
Wanna what kinda worship services that we could really experience a very body motive with Jesus.
And Jesus know you you wanna be married.
He know
how to he he know how to do the hookup.
He will have you to drop your cell phone under a seat.
Been down on your knees.
You’re trying to reach for it.
And time you came up, you bumped into somebody that said, excuse me, The law said that’s a hookup, boy, gonna get that number for some coffee and tea.
I don’t I don’t understand our man today. I I
why are you scared? Why you’re scared?
Ain’t nobody gonna come over your house But while you’re scared that, like, nice tea places and coffee place, you you would you like to have a cup of tea with me?
You know, sit down there and talk?
And if it ain’t if it ain’t what it supposed to be, just, you know see you later.
Alligator after a wild crocodile.
I want us to learn how to live.
I want us to learn how to engage in abundant life to the full till it overflows.
I don’t want us to be ruined and messed up and miserable by religion that says you can’t do nothing.
So there are there are 3 illustrations in the word of god where Jesus clearly identifies Love and devotion.
Love and devotion.
He clearly identifies love and devotion as priority over labor and works.
Not to let one go for the other,
but he’s saying this has got to be priority. So the other will yield rightly.
Alright? So there was an event in the lives of 2 sisters.
Go to Luke 10 for 3842, which were among his most intimate friends, while on the earth, And, uh, it gave Jesus the opportunity to express himself in the matter of service versus love and devotion.
So check this out, Luke chapter 10, verse 38, 42.
Now I came to pass as they went that he entered into A certain village and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house.
And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard his word.
But Martha was cumbered about much serving and came to him and said, lord, does thou not care that my sister has left me to serve alone?
Bid her, therefore, that she helped me in this situation, verse 41, and Jesus answered and said under her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things.
But one thing is needful.
And Mary had chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her.
Now these sisters represented 2 different attitudes that believers may take towards Jesus Christ.
Both were intensely interested in Jesus, but there was a vast difference in their attitude towards him.
Martha’s attitude was to do some material service for him.
She carried this so far that she became cumbered, or she was burdened, or she was weighed down, or she became troubled by much serving.
Martha considered serving, uh, service with Jesus Christ as as as as an important part of her her relationship with him.
Now I noticed Martha was not occupied with things apart from Jesus, all she did was for him.
But now, Mary, Instead of doing something for him sat at his feet and received from him.
One did for him. The other received from him.
How is it that we’re always doing something for him when we hadn’t even sat down to receive from him?
Because if we start just doing things for him, it might not be the thing he wants done for him.
He said Martha did things for him Mary sat and received from him.
So Mary desired to receive spiritual things from Jesus.
Martha was so busy in all of the things that she did serving him, that Those things she did were temporary things that were not as important as spiritual things.
Now in no uncertain words,
Jesus expressed his estimate of these 2 attitudes towards him.
He kindly rebuked Martha for being burdened, careful, and troubled about many things.
A lot of times I meet people
who are doing things without Christ, and they are burdened and stressed.
They’re doing it but they’re doing it burdened, and they’re doing it stressed.
So he kinda rebuked her for those things and added that Mary had shows in that good part, which should not be taken away from her.
So by his answer to Martha, Jesus announces that an attitude of devotion with a desire to receive from him is the more highly valued thing by him, uh, than service with temporal things.
And that is really key.
Devotion and love and receiving from him getting spiritual things versus service, labor, and work, doing for him and getting temporal things.
So you get the temporary things versus spiritual things, And you doing for him instead of receiving from him?
You see you see very clearly here.
So the things that you’re doing for him, who’s the last time you received from him?
Because the things you do for him need to be preceded by the things you receive from him.
And so when a church has started, it’s not you starting a church for him, it’s you received information from him to do for him.
And that stops you from being burdened and troubled because you’re actually doing something that came out of you and not received from him.
And we see that a whole lot. And it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s within the church community now.
Church folk’s doing all kinds of stuff.
And now they’ll say they’re doing it for the lord, but the lord said, we ain’t talk. We ain’t talk.
Had a conversation.
I clearly wired them and anointed them to do that, but they’re over here doing this because of influence from social media that I didn’t tell them to do that, just because you can do something.
It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re supposed to be doing that.
Go to St. John chapter 21. Here’s the second illustration.
You remember the one about Peter when Jesus, uh, gave his last commissioned to Simon Peter, John 21.
Let me read it to you first. Uh, John 21 verse 15 through 17.
He said, uh, so when they had dined, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, Love is thou, me more than these.
He said, unto him, yay lord, thou knoweth that I love thee. He said, feed my lamps.
Isn’t that something? We talk about the love issue first, the devotion issue first, and then we talk about what to do second.
He saith unto him again.
The second time, Simon’s son of Jonas lovest thou me, and he said, um, yay, lord, thou knowest that I love thee.
He said, okay. Uh, feed my sheep.
And he said, upon him, the third time, Simon’s son of Jonas, love is about me, and Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, love is love is
thou me, and he said unto him, uh, lord, thou knoweth all things.
But I’ll know it that I love thee.
He said, alright, feet machine.
So interesting how this this shows up here in this in in this illustration, He intensified his estimate of devotion over service here.
He made love for him the condition for service.
Love and devotion for him for the condition of service.
In other words, any work that we do for him should be born
out of love for him.
He said, Simon, son of Jonas, love if thou me more than these when when when when when when Simon answered, yes, lord.
You know, I loved you. Jesus said, feed machine.
Three times, Jesus, with a like variation repeated his questions three times, and Simon replied in the affirmation the last two times, and Jesus commissioned him to feed his sheep.
There can be no questions here, but that Jesus makes love for himself the condition for making spiritual things to his sheep.
That’s the first thing. Love for him is the condition for service.
It’s the stuff everybody else is doing just to be doing it without any Jesus, without any credit, without being on the news the next morning and hail that’s this wonderful, you know, person And Jesus says, you love me?
Yeah. Lord, I do. He says, okay. Will you work for me? Gosh.
Only only love for god can move somebody to travel 8,000,000 miles.
Only a love for god can move you to do all the things you do for him, but I’m asking you to examine that.
Make sure it’s not lost because in this last illustration, we go to the church of Ephesys in the book of Revelation.
And everything about that church was okay, except they lost their first love.
Look at this. Uh, go to revelations chapter 2 verses 1 through 3.
In this third instance, the importance of attitude toward Christ uh, that that he has over service is set forth even more more straightly and more permanent here.
Um, in this particular scripture, he’s on the Isle of Patmos John was.
And then John was commanded to write letters to 7 churches in Asia Minor.
And to the church of Ephasis, here’s what he was told to write versus 1 through 3.
He said, unto the angel of the church of Ephasis, write these things.
Saith, he that holdeth the 7 stars in the right hand, who walketh in the midst of the 7 Golden Campbell Sticks.
I know thy works and thy labor and thy patience. Wow. Add it patience.
And how thou can not bear them which are evil, and thou has tried them which say they are apostles and are not.
And has found them liars and has born and has patience And for my namesake, has labored and has not fainted.
So notice the commendation when he said that they had works and labor and patience, that they could not bear evil and and had cast out false leaders.
Now here’s the second time they were commanded for their they were commended for their patients, excuse me, and for their labor even in the name of Christ, and is all, uh, all of the things that that this church had to encounter to do as far as work, labor, but in patients.
Now look at verse 45. Notice here.
Nevertheless, I have somewhat against the because thou has left thy first love.
He says, remember, therefore, from whence thou art fallen and repent.
And do the first works,
Or else, I’ll come under thee quickly, and we’ll remove that candlestick out of out of his place.
Except you change your mind. That’s what repent means. Repent literally. Repent doesn’t mean, I’m sorry.
Repent means change your mind. It’s literally to change the mind, change your thinking.
So here, even more carefully, nevertheless, I have somewhat against the because I have left the first love.
And remember, uh, therefore, whenst thou art fallen, he says, check that out.
So now only one thing was lacking in the church of Ephasis, and that’s pretty good.
It was the first love for Christ. A love for him before everything else.
A love for him before everything else.
A love for him before everything else.
That’s what that’s what you started with. You you you’re in this thing because of him.
How did we get so removed from a love for him, above anything, to, I have forgotten you over everything.
So because of this, they were warned that the candlesticks would be removed out of its place, and if they didn’t repent, So apart from their first love, they could not hold, uh, hold, uh, a a forth delight of the gospel of grace of Jesus Christ.
And absolutely, certainly, and surely, there is something vastly more important to Jesus than service.
It’s him. It’s the loan we have for him.
So from these three instances, the one dealing with, uh, Peter, the one dealing with the 2 sisters, And this right here, it’s clear that lord Jesus desires and values the love for himself first.
Over service and work.
And that’s not gonna happen until we understand 1st John 4 19. We love him.
This is big because he first loved us.
Now now listen to this, and I and I’ll be through.
We spend so much time focusing on how much I love god.
That we spend very little time focusing on, I believe, that he loves me.
First John 4 19 makes it very clear that he loved us first.
The only reason we can love him is because he loved us first.
But so what the enemy is trying to do is with all of the issues of life, life is made up of all all these issues.
Life is made up of good, bad, negative, and positive.
Uh, and he says, do you believe in the love that I have for you?
And that’s the attack. The attack is, do you believe god loves you?
Because if you believe god loves you, your faith will work because you recognize that god loves you.
I know god loves me. Therefore, I know I’m healed. I know god loves me.
Therefore, I know he’ll take care of this situation. I know god loves me. Therefore, he’ll save my family.
I know god loves me everything that god promised, and everything in the faith of god And your faith for god is based on you believing that he loves you.
And that’s what Satan’s attacking. He does not want you to believe that god loves you.
Oh, god can’t love me. I lost my job. Oh, god can’t love me. I lost my car.
Oh, god can’t love you. It’s it’s based on all material things you think God doesn’t love you.
But, honey, you’re still alive. Every day, you must remind
yourself. God loves me,
and I know it. Someone says why?
Because now You can love god and know it. Believe in the love.
Believe that god loves you.
When you believe god loves you, you will believe everything he promised you.
And these promises are in this Bible.
And when you read the Bible, you read it with this in your mind. God loves me.
And I know sometimes it’s difficult because you like, because you think, well, you think god just does it.
God’s god is love. He can’t help but love.
But you think, well, how can I say god loves me and and look what kinda week I had?
God has your best in mind.
And sometimes that means allowing certain things
to happen because he know you.
And in order to get you to the best, he knows the curriculum you gotta take.
To get you there. But god’s always got the the ultimate good in mind.
He’s good. He’s got the ultimate good in mind.
What happens, we question his goodness because of our own brokenness sometime in our lives, and we can’t do that.
God, loves me, and I know it.
That’s what got me that’s what got me through that cancer.
Uh, well, I know god loves me. I know god loves me.
And and and and it’s to trying to find the right path.
I said, what do you want me to do? I know
you love me? That was never a question whether or not god love me or not.
Well, god, if you love me, then why I got these tumors in my body.
Well, god, if you love me, how come you let shingles attack me?
God, if you love me, God was trying to show me something that would give me the greater
part of my life if I would submit
to the lesson. What’s the lesson you might be in right now that god needs you to submit to the lesson?
Because submitting to that lesson is designed
to take you farther down the road, then you would ever be able to go.
Say this out loud with me, and I’ll stop God loves me and I know it.
Therefore, I receive The abounding,
intimate, powerful, love of god, no matter what I go through.
His love will bring me out.
From this day forward, I will never question god’s love for me.
From his love, I worked for him.
And from his love, I served him. And from his love, I love him.
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Hopefully, you’re gonna choose so that heaven determine your thinking.
Because whatever choice you make, then that’s gonna be your mentality for today.
You try to get in a half’s game because because you just think they love you.
Ticket. I have love. Uh, security? Can you say that he’s a waymaker? Yes.
Can you say that he’s a god that sits high and looks low. Yes.
As long as you think you can renew by yourself, you’re gonna just depend on your self effort to do this.
Let the spirit renew your thoughts and your attitude.
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