How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed X Sarah Jakes Roberts

How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed X Sarah Jakes Roberts

What is required of you today? That’s the bite-sized focus that accomplishes big assignments! So, when life attempts to overwhelm you, just surrender to the process of becoming. Especially since both you and God have a proven track record of emerging at the right moment.

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Whenever there’s a big task for us at hand and we begin to become overwhelmed, remember that Jesus did not just come into the earth and get on the cross the next day.
That there was a process that prepared him for the big moment.
And when he finally got to that big moment, he had been prepared along the way.
And you may be thinking to yourself, how am I gonna do it all?
Babe, you’re gonna do it one day, one minute, one assignment at a time.
You have a proven track record of being able to show up for the moment.
So instead of looking at the big picture, take a glance. This is the plan.
This is where you’re gonna land. But right now all I have is today.
And because all you have is today, ask yourself what is required of me today.
I have found that when I take big assignments and break them down into bite sized pieces that I look up and I have accomplished the big assignment because I focus on what was in front of me in the moment.

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