How Does God Order Your Footsteps: Free Will, Predestination, & God’s Plan | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

How Does God Order Your Footsteps: Free Will, Predestination, & God’s Plan | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn shares how God orders your steps to your appointed destiny. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of existence that reveal about free will, God’s predestination, and God’s Plan.

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Recorded Live at Beth Israel at the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ. Friday Nights (8pm) & Sunday Mornings (10am and 11:30am)

In the world today, there’s a sense of chaos, but you are not to fear the future.
God has already prepared the footsteps of your life. He knows every one of them.
He could have given names to every footstep. That’s how much he knows every footstep.
You know, there was one of the persecutions the Jewish people was that of people, 2 people we learn about in school.
We don’t really don’t know a lot I mean, in school, they don’t tell us the real story here, but, you know, Columbus, yeah, Isabella, Queen Isabella, and Ferdinand.
We all have heard the story.
Well, they were interesting because what they did isabella and Ferdinand, and they they con they reconquered Spain from the lums.
Okay. But then they said we’re gonna now persecute the Jews.
They don’t tell you that in grade school, but that they basically said all the Jews are now you’re gonna convert to Catholicism or you’re gonna or you’re gonna flee or we kill you.
That’s what happened in Spain. When in the year 14 92.
When it happened, they were they had to get out the very w you know, the the there the harbors, all the Jews the Jews feel are fleeing Spain, and the harbors are filled with them, and and all the boats trying to get out to save their lives.
And in that same harbor was the Nina, the pinta, and the Santa Maria.
In that same harbor. Now think about that.
At the very moment, that they’re being they’re losing Spain, and it was Spain was like the center of Jewish people for a long time.
They lose Spain at that same moment god starts America, which is gonna be the greatest refuge for the Jewish people up until the time of Israel.
So look at that. Amer the sovereignty of god, America, even America coming into existence, is linked to this mystery.
God said god would preserve them. Would preserve them.
Now here’s another thing, have the steps of man again, people who don’t even know him.
The turn of this 20th century, in France, There is anti Semitism, amazing that there was anti Sem they actually there is anti Semitism in the world.
Did you know that? Back then. And and so now you didn’t know. So this is for centuries.
Well, they had a trial. They put a a Jewish colonel in the army named Alfred Dreyfus on trial, and he was completely innocent, but he was Jewish and they condemned him, and they they falsely, you know, uh, sentence him as for treason.
Well, their people were covered. A Jewish, uh, secular journalist was was called to cover the story.
And he went to France, and he saw the crowds outside shouting death to the Jews.
Death to the Jews. French shocked him so much that he would he his whole thing was, hey.
We gotta assimilate, be like everybody else, but when he saw He said, no, that’s not the answer.
It’s not gonna work. We will never be left alone by the world until we have our own land in Israel.
And then that’ll solve it. Well, didn’t solve it, but the man’s name was Theodore Hertzell.
He would end up becoming what’s called the father of Israel, the new Israel. He started Zionism.
That means the return to Israel.
But it all have but he didn’t know god yet he was used because the prophet said that at the end, god’s gonna gather them all back.
And most of the people who started Israel, the pioneers of Israel, were not religious, but that makes it even more amazing because they fulfilled the prophecies of god without trying or knowing that they were fulfilling the prophecies of god.
There was a one of them, David Ben Gurion, who was the 1st prime minister of the newborn state, near the end of his life, they found in his office, they found a book that he was reading.
This is early seventies when he just before he died, you know what the book was?
It was the late great planet Earth by Hal Lindsey, all about the prophecies of the Bible about Israel and Jesus coming.
We don’t know how much, but it was, hopefully, it was on his.
It’s still there in the museum of his his thing.
That’s the same book that started leading me like the next year to start realizing that god exists.
But god used everything. Even early 20th century, you have World War 1.
Yet through World War 1, What happened is the British came in and the Turks came in and the Turks had the land of Israel.
And so what happened is the British won against the Turks.
The Turks fled the lamb And the British said now we will give the land back to the Jewish people.
So even World War 1 was used by the hand of god, the sovereign, the god the steps of a man are ordered by the lord.
I mentioned David Ben Gurion. Let me tell you something about him. He came back to the land.
He’s from Poland. He comes back to the land before there’s an Israel nation long before it, but they’re in the land.
They’re pioneering. And he as as many people did back then, he changes his name to give himself a Hebrew name.
So he called he chose the name Ben Gurion.
When he was a he was like a journalist and a Ben Gurion.
He wasn’t even there was wasn’t anything with Paul. It’s just Ben Gurion is his name.
He would end up being the 1st prime minister of Israel, the 1st leader of the new nation and his name, you know, it’s interesting because god says in the prophecies, They’ll come back and David will be their ruler.
Well, his name was David. Ultimately, it’s Messiah, son of David, but the first one was David.
But the thing is the last leader of Israel and Jerusalem in ancient times before it was destroyed.
You know what his name was? Ben Gurion.
So he ended up taking the name, and he ends up becoming the next the leader of the the resurrection of Israel, the same name of when it was destroyed.
The steps of a man. He didn’t know god, certainly at that point, maybe at the end, but, alright, let me let me bring it to here.
We’ve had a president named Donald Trump. Okay. We’re not getting political.
We’re not this is not a political rally, but the thing is the thing is in English, what does this name mean?
Trump means in English means trumpet. You find it in the King James Bible.
The last Trump will sound. He was born on a Friday like today.
Every Friday, there was a appointed word that is read from the synagogues of the world.
When he was born, you know what? You know what the word was?
It was about the formation forming producing the trumpets of god.
So here he is being produced, and god is about the producing of god’s Trumpan.
And he would be a trumpet. He has not stopped sounding since.
Interesting too, because he was used in the year of the Jubilee.
Trump, it sounds, year in the Jubilee of Israel, it was, you know, when you follow, I won’t go into it, but he followed this 50 year pattern and he was the one who recognized Jerusalem, the trumpet sounded in the year of Jubilee restored Jerusalem there.
All the events of the world are interconnected. It’s like a quilt. Everything is linked together.
If you change one thing, you change everything.
One life changes, every life changes because everybody connects to someone.
So for any one biblical prophecy to come true in ancient times or modern times, God has to move order the steps of everybody, basically, in the world.
In every land, in every life, because every for 1000 years, he’s been doing it.
God is over all the good and the bad, the godless, the evil. And that’s a good thing.
God uses evil, That’s a good thing. That’s not a bad thing.
That’s a good thing because if he didn’t, evil would be out of control. He uses good. He uses evil.
He uses everything for good. And the epitome of that all of all of it is the crucifixion.
The crucifixion is the most evil event ever.
Satan killing man as go god and the form of man.
And yet, it’s the greatest event the most beautiful event god giving us life to save us forever.
And how can it be most evil and yet most good? Cause god is sovereign. Over all things.
Enrollments, it says god works all things together for good for those who love him.
And so it’s like this weaving, this quilt, this crochet, when you look at one side of the of a of a weaving.
It’s all a mess. It’s all loose ends, but you turn it around and you have this design video.
Well, in this side of heaven, We see the mess.
We see the loose ends of life, but on the other side of god’s weaving, it’s a perfect tapestry.
And that is what the even your life filled with loose ends and you can’t see it all.
Sometimes you do, but most of the time, you don’t see it all. You see it loose.
But on the other side of heaven, you’re gonna see a tapestry how god wove it all together.
That’s a comfort. That’s a promise on your life that if you follow god, god will work everything in your life.
That doesn’t mean everything’s gonna feel good, seem good, not or look good.
It means he’s gonna work all things for good.
In all things, no matter what you’re dealing with, you gotta hold to that.
He will order the steps of the problem you’re in, He will order the steps of the situation you’re in.
He’ll direct it and turn it from bad to good. Joseph said to his brother’s Yeah.
You meant this all for evil, but god meant the same exact thing for good.
What you did for evil, god did for good.
In the book of acts, the persecution breaks out against the believers, and yet god uses it to spread the gospel.
He even turns the greatest prosecutor of that time into an apostle, Paul, to spread the gospel.
The worst things bring the greatest things, like the cross and the resurrection, or look at the history of Israel, the Holocaust, and the rebirth of Israel.
When you’re going through that hard time, that problem, that attack, that crisis, remember that god promises to turn that very thing into your blessing and your good.
So instead of seeing it only as a problem, see it as a blessing waiting to manifest.
Look for god in the next problem.
In the midst of it, look, hey, because he gotta believe he’s there, look for his hand, look for his work, look for the good that he’s doing through it.
And not only look for the good, become an active agent in bringing good because if god is into turning bad into good, you’re his the child of god, you gotta be doing the same thing like your daddy.
So it’s your thing to also bring bad things into good. What can I do?
How can I be part of god’s answer here? How can I be part of the resolution, the redemption here?
How can I turn this problem? And she said, what good is god doing through this problem? I’m praying more.
That’s a start. But very the very thing just thinking that way alone will change everything of how you deal with life.
Now let’s go to the next part.
Since the Hebrew word That can mean a person or can mean a righteous person.
Now let’s look at how it works for the you the righteous.
The difference between the righteous, those the children of god and everybody else, with regard to this, is that god will use the unrighteous as his instruments.
He will order their steps for his purposes. But the righteous are his children.
The promise of the scripture as to for you who know the lord is not just that the lord will order your steps.
But the lord’s gonna work it for your blessing.
You are see, there’s a link between the will of god and the heart of god.
Those who don’t know god, they don’t they they don’t know the heart of god, but they’re gonna still deal with the will of god.
For the ungodly, God’s will will come like a force.
They they can try to fight it. Doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s gonna prevail.
It’s like a wind unstoppable. But for the righteous, the children of god, god’s will is not primarily a force to force you to do something, it’s for you to know the heart of god and join your heart to the will of god.
The spirit of god in Hebrew is what? Ruhach and Ruhach means what? Wind. Wind.
So if you live against the spirit, you’re fighting the wind.
And if you’re fighting the wind, no matter what you do, you’re gonna have drag on your life.
When you go against the wind, it creates drag.
And when you go against the spirit, you’re gonna have drag in your life.
Everything’s gonna drag, and it’s gonna be a drag.
But if you surrender to the will, embrace the will, the wind, go with the wind, the spirit of god, then the drag disappears, and turns into a flow.
Instead of slowing you down, it moves you ahead when the winds at your back, you know, that Irish prayer may the wind always be at your back.
Well, the wind is the spirit. So if you’re living in the spirit, the wind is at your back.
You’re going with your heart. When your heart and your will is willing the will of god with your heart.
You want the heart of god, then you’re free.
Then you’re gonna know the will of god in your life, you’re gonna fulfill the will of god in your life.
The key is first do the will of god. You want the will of god.
You want purposes to it, you gotta be right with the will of god.
Number 1, but number 2, better than that is to do the will of god from your heart.
Don’t just do it because you have to. Listen.
Do it anyway because you do have to, but don’t do it because you have to do it because you want to.
And better than that, If you’re really to to get real get get into the passionately wanting to do the will of god, and then you’re gonna be really blessed.
Do the will of god. Make it your joy, lord. Make prayer. Your joy. Make the word your joy.
Make righteousness. Your joy. Make obedience. Your joy.
Gonna be really blessed, and the will of god will be dumb.
The more you do that, the more you’re walking in the heart of god.
And the spirit of god, the more the wind is at your back, and the more you’re you’ll see your steps being ordered by the lord.
Now the word in Hebrew where it says the steps of a man is is ordered by god The Hebrew word is the word easy word.
Kun. It’s like what you call a raccoon. It’s Kun.
Now, the cool thing is about Hebrew, and that’s why we teach it here, and that’s why it’s great to learn it, is that one word in Hebrew can have 10 layers of meaning.
In your ego’s translation, they gotta choose 1 of them, but there’s so much with Hebrew And so this this word is so much we’re gonna open up to your life.
Koon, it can mean ordered. But it also means appointed.
The steps of a man or woman in god are appointed by god.
You know, it seems like you’re just kinda walking through life at random, but if you’re following god, he’s appointing your steps.
There is an appointed destiny to your life for you to walk into.
He will never appoint a sinful step to your life.
He will never appoint a step of failure in your life. He will never appoint that.
So what about when you mess up? Well, then you’re misstepping. You’re out of the step.
You’re not following the footstep. You’re in your own. You’re not in the plan. What do you do?
When you mess up, you look for the next step because this is gonna be a step wherever you mess up, there’s gonna be a step there to get back.
There is a there are footsteps that you don’t see in your life that you are to follow in.
You may not be knowing you’re following in.
You might not be following it, but you may but if you’re following god, gonna walk into them without even knowing it.
But in every situation, there are footsteps like twister saying step into that.
In every situation, lord, what do I do? You’re you’re whatever you’re whatever you’re in, there’s a way.
Whatever wherever you are, there’s a way to glorify god. Look forward. Ask for a lord. What do I do?
Look for the invisible footsteps and walk in it. There’s always that step.
Even now, no matter where you are, no matter what situation you’re in, if you ask god, there’s a step to take, and that’s appointed.
And it’s a step maybe a step out of sin. It may step out of that.
So there is an up there are appointed steps for your life. Number 1.
Secondly, the word Koon next meaning also means fixed.
The steps of a righteous person are fixed by god.
In other words, it’s like you’re walking on concrete. It’s like your your steps are stone.
I mean, in other words, if you’re you’re working in god, your steps are fixed, meaning you cannot be stopped.
They’re fixed like stone. If you’re in god’s will, you can’t be stopped.
I mean, one thing could be stopped, but not you serving god and walking in his will.
Paul was prophesied too about what he was gonna do.
He had so many so much opposition, persecution, adversity from out aside from the pagan world and even in the church.
He had enemies. He had yet yet, he was given a prophecy. And his steps were ordered by god.
He was gonna fulfill that no matter what. And he did. He he finished that course.
The steps of of god are like that.
The more you’re in the will of god, the more you cannot be stopped is as if every step is engraved in stone.
What else does Koon mean? Kun means stable. Many people, even in the lord, are not stable.
They’re not stable in life They’re not stable in emotions, not stable in thoughts.
The more you go your own way, the more your steps become unstable.
But it says the steps of a man are made stable by god.
When you walk continuously in god’s will, your steps become stable, your life becomes stabilized.
The more you’re in the will of god.
Next meaning of Koon in Revelation, Koon also means prepare.
The steps of a man are prepared by god.
In other words, before they even happen, they’re prepared by god.
Moses, his work, what he was to do at Egypt, was prepared before he was even born.
Joshua’s work to go into the promised land was prepared before he knew he was called.
Jeremiah, it says in the womb, god says I knew you. I knew you then. I called you them.
He was prepared before he was even born. Peter’s work, Peter’s life prepared before he ever did it.
Paul, the lord says, god separated me when I was in a womb. All the works were prepared.
It says in ephesians too, we are god’s handy work.
Created in Messiah, yeshua, Jesus, to do good works, which Listen, god prepared beforehand.
So there are works for you to do for the rest of your life.
Good things for god they’re prepared before they happen. He’s preparing people for you.
He’s preparing people for you to share the word with them. So don’t miss that that opportunity.
He’s preparing people to be blessed by you, ministered by you, touched by you, helped by you, saved by you, Don’t miss it though.
Follow what he said. He said go out and spread the word. Follow his word.
You’ll walk into the appointed footsteps.
Recently on Sunday, I opened up with a charge that god gave to Joshua.
When he said amazing thing, he said, wherever the souls of your feet shall tread, it shall be given to you.
Except the Hebrew more says wherever the souls of your feet shall tread, it shall have been given to you.
Oh, wow. Wow. How does that work? In other words, wherever you go, it was already given to you.
How does that work? Cause he could go wherever he wants or not go. The same with your life.
There’s a life prepared for you before the foundations of the earth. Blessings victory.
God only promised only prepares good things for his children. I know the plans.
I know the plans for prosperity to tread, but you gotta tread on it to see it.
You gotta walk to see it. You gotta go with him. Now here’s some other things, Koon means.
Koon means to confirm the steps of a of a man, the steps of god’s per of god’s child will be confirmed by the lord confirmed, you know, You follow God.
People will attack you. People will come against you. I know it.
The more I’ve I’ve done in that, the more you get that. That’s just the way it goes.
But you know what? You just keep going in the end. God’s gonna confirm you.
You know, the voices will mean nothing. He will confirm your steps. Here’s another meaning revelation from the scripture.
Koon in the Hebrew means make right.
In other words, Those who love god will also mess up, make mistakes, but coon means to make right.
The steps of a man, a righteous, the righteous will be made right by the lord. How?
Number 1, he’ll turn your steps. You’re going off. He will seek to turn you back. Yes. Yes.
Number 2, by working your missteps, Your mistakes for good, the steps of a man will be made right by god.
Number 3, by redeeming them, that even if they weren’t right, god’s gonna use it for good.
To produce good even your past life, he’s gonna use those steps to redeem them to make them right.
He can’t change what you did, but he can change what it works to.
It you was used for good. Think of Peter when he fell away from god. He denied god.
And yet that mistake would lead him to the grace of god.
Would lead his life would change his entire life. One mistake, yet it was made right. It created right.
It created so much good. When he repented. See, your walk is not this mistake.
Your walk is not the falling down.
It’s not that doesn’t define the falling down does not define your walk because ver virtually everybody fell down, starting with Abraham onto Moses, onto David, onto Peter, everybody except the lord.
Everybody your but your walk is not about your your mistake doesn’t define you. Your walk does.
So when you when you fall down, you get up. You get up.
And the sooner you get up, repent of it, get up, move forward, he will start turning the mistake into good.
Yes. And Koon also means direct. The steps of god’s person will be direct did by god.
Trusted the lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will direct your path or some translation say, we’ll make your path straight.
Same thing here. In order for god to direct your steps, you gotta be moving.
You gotta be walking in god, seeking his will.
Now if the steps of the righteous are already in god, why does he have to direct?
Because there are specific steps you don’t know.
You set your course and you think your battle, but god knows exactly.
He will direct If you’re following god, you’re open, be open to him, he will direct you into the exact.
Paul was following the will of god.
Then on the on a and a journey, he gets a dream directing him to the next specific step.
Paul said he’s planning on go to Spain. We don’t know if he ever made it to Spain.
There’s nothing in the Bible of him in being in Spain, but he wanted to go to Spain.
The righteous may plan, but god will direct their steps.
Corey Ten Boone, who was in a concentration camp for hiding Jews with her family.
Her her sister was there named Betsy, and they’re praying in the concentration camp.
And and she says, oh, you said, and her sister Betsy very spiritual says, you gotta give thanks for everything.
I don’t care what it is. Give thanks for the good and the bad. Give thanks for everything.
She says, okay, I’ll give thanks, but I’m not giving thanks for the lice.
She said, okay, Corey. Give thanks for the lice too. Said, no.
I’m not giving thanks for the lice because the they filled with lice in that bunk.
She says, so so father says, youth give thank, and so she does.
And the her sister said, you know, Corey God told me that next year, next spring will be free.
Next spring, her sister went to be with the lord.
And next spring, Corey Tamboun was liberated by the troops.
And she will found out then the reason why she hadn’t been killed like the others is because the they didn’t wanna go into her bunk much because of the lice.
She was saved by the lice. You never know. You can look back.
You never know until you go there, but you gotta trust in the meantime, god is gonna god is working it out.
And the other thing that Koon means that we bring it home is could means prosper.
The steps of a righteous person, god prospers those steps. That doesn’t mean you’re gonna get that Cadillac.
You’re gonna get that. It means that god’s gonna bless you more importantly than any one thing.
And it also means the steps of a man. Koon means are ordained by god.
They’re like ministers that could they’re gonna bring something better. They keep leading to something more.
And it says, then it says, and he delights in his way. Oh, god delights in your way.
The more you follow god, god actually delights in you following him. God looks on favor.
Go how can god delight in someone who’s walking in perfectly like all of us?
It’s just like a father, and he sees his little child infant starts walking and stumbling and walking while he still delights in the walking of his child.
God delights in your walking as him. He’s got a purpose. He’s got a plan.
Just like everybody in the Bible, when you look as we approach next week with Joseph and Mary, how that could have happened, all that coming.
A million things had to come together for them to be born, every genealogy, every person had to meet the right person, had to fall in love with the right person, Every single thing had to happen.
He had a notice. Mary had a it all had to happen for that to happen.
A million things Joseph, the other Joseph, who has a dream that god’s gonna lift him up, and yet all the bad that happens in his life, he could soul the slavery of queues of rage in prison and yet god ordains it all and leads his step, the steps of Joseph were ordained by god.
Even through terrible things, it didn’t look good, but it was all good.
God ordered all their footsteps and god in the same way as ordering all of your footsteps.
In the world today, there’s a sense of chaos, but you are not to fear the future.
God has already prepared the footsteps of your life. He knows every one of them.
He could have given names to every footstep. That’s how much he knows every footstep. They’re already appointed.
They’re already ordained. Go for the highest. You want it? Go for the highest.
Lord, what’s the highest step I can take tonight? What’s the highest step I can take this weekend?
What’s the highest step I can take this week?
And then it’ll lead to the next one and the next one and the next one, and you’ll end up fulfilling your destiny.
The steps of a man. And your steps will be sure they will be firm. They will be strong.
They will be stable. They will be unstoppable. They will you will have the authority.
The more you will be led and clearly, and the more it’ll all come together and you will spur.
As you follow the footsteps, you’ll be guided into his perfect will, seek even this weekend.
Lord, seek. What’s the next step? What step can I take this weekend? Maybe I didn’t take anywhere.
What step can I take? And then walk in it.
Is it possible that behind the events transforming our nation and your life, New York Times best selling author Jonathan Khan reveals the stunning mystery and what it to do with your life?
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