Grace and Truth – Wednesday Service

Grace and Truth – Wednesday Service

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Father, we thank you for this and of opportunity to minister to these your precious sheep Thank you, lord, that revelation knowledge will flow freely, uninterrupted and unhindered by the satanic or demonic force.
Bob, I pray that you will speak through my vocal cords and think through my mind.
None of me in all of you. It’s in Jesus’ name, we pray. And everybody said, Hey, man.
Would you give the lord a big hand clap before you take the seats? Hey, man.
You can be seated.
And if you have your bibles, go with me to the book of John chapter 1.
We are looking at the gospel of John.
And last week, we talked about the Mosaic Law versus, uh, the grace that came by Jesus.
And so tonight, what we’re gonna talk about Um, we’re gonna talk about continue that grace and truth and see what that’s about.
Now, uh, in this series, we’re we’re We’re we’re we’re gonna stick with the word just textbook.
It’s just so many amazing pieces that, um, we need to really look at and and talk about, and I think it’d be a blessing to you.
St. John chapter 1 versus 1 through 9, And he says here in the beginning was the word.
Now I’m gonna challenge how we’ve been reading. Okay?
Uh, you know, sometimes we get an explanation of something, and we just stick with that forever.
And we say, well, that’s just what that means.
And I’m I’m telling you the Holy Spirit will take you deeper.
Uh, in the beginning was the word and the word was with god.
Now here’s the thing that should get our attention, and the word was god.
Now this is in the beginning. This is before we called him Jesus.
We see something in the book of Genesis when, when when the spirit of the lord showed up in Genesis right when he was getting ready to sacrifice his son, you know, where was Jesus before he was put into a human body and called Jesus, you see.
Um, the triune existed But I want you to I want you to go just a little deeper with this, not to bring about any confusion, but you’re gonna have a really big understanding of why jeez why Jesus was the only one that could give us grace and truth.
Moses couldn’t give it to us. No other man on the planet in it.
No no that was created could give it to us.
Jesus was the only one that qualified to give us grace and truth.
And so I I paused here today I really had to take a break.
I was, like, looking at this, and I was like, I was so blown away.
I I didn’t know I didn’t know what to do with this information.
So I said, let’s go to Bible stud in. And share it with you guys. You know?
He said the word was god. So that’s before We know him as Jesus.
We know eventually this is gonna be Jesus. The word was god. Verse 2.
He says the same was in the beginning with god.
The word that was god, it was was in the beginning with god. Yeah.
Uh, verse 3.
All things were made by the word that is god and the word that was with god, all things were made by him.
And subtract him without him was not anything made that was made.
So You can never include him with the created Kada.
I thought that thing, boy. Let me let me let me let me call.
You can’t include him with the creative. He he’s not created.
But all of creation came through him.
And without him, you ain’t got nothing.
All things were made by him.
And without him, was not anything made that was made verse 4. In him.
Now this is the part I want you to get. In him was life.
He breathed into the nostrils of man.
The breath of life, and man became a living soul.
But the life was in him. He wasn’t the created.
He had the ability to be responsible for everything that’s created, both seeing stuff and unseen stuff.
Okay? In him was life. And the life that was in him was the light.
Of men. The life in him now breathed into the nachos of a man became light to a man.
5. And the light shines in darkness. And darkness comprehended it not.
Real quick. Look at that verse in the NLT, and then we’ll go back to the King Jay.
And look at this NLT, uh, uh, Saint John 15.
He says the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
The light shined in, in the darkness and the dark.
It can never be it can never be extinguished. Now think about this now.
Uh, you cannot kill the a spirit.
You you once life has been given unto you, it can’t be extinguished.
It can exist in one round or another. But it can’t be distinguished.
And that’s why I look at church folks. It’s like, dude, do you realize how much you don’t know?
I had a I had a moment this morning where I where I just thought, I I everything I’ve ever thought I knew, everything I thought I understood remains to be seen once I leave this physical body.
And return to the creator, uh, of all creation, both seen and unseen.
You don’t even know how that’s gonna take place.
We we think, well, you’re gonna die and you’re gonna have a you do you understand What happens?
The body is like a container. What happens when you take the top off of a container?
What happens when what’s in a container comes out? Woah.
This is gonna be this is gonna be outstanding.
And while I’m at it, spend at least 30 minutes a day, Brandon Toms.
Over the next 6 months, are you gonna be alright? Stuff crazy right now.
30 minutes a day praying in tongues. So whether you believe it or not, praying tongues. Okay.
So if you have sitting there saying, you have a double do, you have a double do, you just pray in tongues.
The light shines in darkness, and and and the darkness can never extinguish it.
Alright. Go back. Team James in in in verse 6.
There was a man sent from god whose name was John.
Now He’s not talking about the John that’s writing this epistle. He’s talking about John De Baptist.
So there was a man sent from god whose name was John, referring to John De Baptist.
The same John De Baptist came for a witness to bear witness of the light.
That all men threw him.
Might believe he’s the carrier of life. He’s the carrier of light.
He can impact all men who believe. Alright. Watch this verse 8.
He was not that light John said I’m John says I’m not that light, but was sent to bare witness of that light.
I wanna I need to see this. Alright. Now verse 9. Almost there.
That was the true light, which which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
The true life light that lighted every man that cometh into the world.
And then verse 14, Skip on down John 114.
And the word was made flesh.
Now stop right there. Are you serious?
This amazing, infinite, being that is not in the category of the created that everything that was created came through him.
He took a demotion in 2 a flesh body.
He who created creation stepped into it. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Let let me let me give this.
I was, oh, I was, oh, maybe not I am ten years old.
I was a member of, uh, Mount Zion AME church. My pastor was, uh, Reverend Dunlap.
And we were having, you remember, the summer bible school thing that they mommy, your mom used to make you go to it.
And, So he was outside. We were talking, and I asked him a question.
I asked my mama a question. She said, ask Reverend Dunlap. I asked Robin Dunlap.
I said, I said, now, if I got a father and my father got a father and his father got a father, who’s god’s father?
And he says, you know, uh, your area, you know, the most of the answer to that during that time was, you know, God works in mysterious ways.
And I was, uh, I was praying And just so I don’t know where god said, would you like to know the answer to that question you asked years ago?
I said, oh, yes.
And he said to me, you’re trying to relate to god like his creations relate to one another.
He created the system of a father, having a father, having a father.
You can’t see him in what he’s created.
Don’t try to put him in the same, um, process as what he’s created.
But he loved his creation so much.
He reduced himself from the creator to dwell amongst his creation.
And the word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us so we could behold his glory.
The glory of the only begotten of the father And he showed up in flesh full of grace and full of truth.
It’s not grace, one piece, truth, another piece. You can’t separate grace and truth. Grace is the truth.
They they they’ll always go together. Alright? So I need you to see who Jesus is.
I think sometimes we, We reduce him down because of his love for us to take on flesh so he can deliver grace and truth.
There’s nobody else that could could deliver eternal grace. Nobody.
Nobody qualified to be full of grace and truth.
And if you believe in him, Notice what he says. Believe that he’s the Christ.
That’s, uh, Saint John chapter, the, uh, last chapter, 20, I think, verse 30. 31.
Believe that he is the Christ. Believe he’s the son of god. And believing you will have life.
And you’ll have it eternally. Just by believing, you’ll have life.
Now I’m I’m looking at this today, and I’m I’m thinking I ain’t gonna finish this teaching today because I probably gonna get stuck at it.
I I think we’ll get a little bit more in bed, but I need you to pause a little bit and recognize who are you dealing with?
You’re not dealing with Jesus just the man.
You dealing with god and his glory full of grace?
That he had to take a earth suit to deliver the package.
And I’ll show you tonight that this book of John speaks of the deity of Christ more than any writing in the Bible.
And Jesus says stuff like the the father and I god and I are one.
What would you think? Seriously.
What would you think, if I got up here one that’s a the, uh, I’m god and he me.
Y’all expound that joke. That’s exactly what they did. Because ain’t nobody hearing that, they’re not hearing that.
That his love was so awesome.
He’d had to get a earth suit to deliver grace and truth to you and me.
And that grace and truth through believing would be eternal. Oh lord have mercy.
That just blows my mind. And so he says, and we beheld his glory.
The glory as a only begotten of the father full of grace and truth.
Now you have to take this home and and dwell on it a little bit, or you’ll continue to diminish the greatness of what we We have the god of creation who created stuff you can see and stuff you can’t see.
My god. Who took her her suit to deliver a package. The law came by Moses.
Moses couldn’t deliver grace. Who can you think of that could have delivered this this this un it’s even bigger than unmerited favor.
Who could deliver this glory? To man. So that’s what I’m saying.
When you lead this body, all this little church stuff that’s going on, I love church thing.
You know, the little church thing, the little programs we make, the little stuff we do, the little songs we make, like, you don’t even have a clue to the fact that watch you stand before the one who created you.
You will stand in perfect knowledge, perfect wisdom.
You, uh, it get a I, I doubt if you can hardly go remember anything because it’s just gonna all being in his presence, it’s gonna burn stuff and wash the you you it ain’t It, Debju, you will now be aware of all of the greatness that was imparted in you that was diminished because you had a Ursuit.
Now I know every I knew tonight that everybody wasn’t gonna understand what I was saying.
But it is you got a chance to see how excited I am about what I’m saying, and we’re gonna be working on this through this series.
The and and so in my head, I thought I cannot just look at the son of man.
Right. Right. And I gotta be careful at looking at just the son of god.
I now have to look at the word in the beginning that was god who created principalities powers, spiritual realm, physical realm, and that Awesomeness took on a earth suit.
I just, like, wonder why are you been hanging around 7 years?
I don’t think that the body of Jesus could have held it that long. Mm-mm.
And that’s why it changed. He put on his glory suit.
That’s a lot of glory packed in that.
I got some other things I can say about that, but I’m a leave that alone.
Alright. Now, so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna talk about You I’ve used this word before.
I think I’ve set you up with this word called preeminence.
I want you to get the definition of preeminence because that’s the The first thing that’s got to be established before you can really take hold of this grace is you’ve got to establish the preeminence and the glory of Jesus Christ.
Preeminence. It’s the fact of surpassing all others. When something is preeminent, it is superior above all.
It is superior above all people. It is superior above all things.
It is superior and on a level above everything. That that it’s there is no competition.
There is nothing to compare to it.
It stands alone when it is preeminent It is it is superior and above all.
So it’s necessary to understand his preeminence, not only over Moses. Okay?
And people did that. They they they always try compared Jesus with Moses and the law.
And I’m showing you, there ain’t none. Ain’t none.
And what Moses gave was something that was written on stone when, yeah, that just kind of was a symbol of, ain’t no life in it.
Moses can deliver this life. The law couldn’t deliver this lie.
And so this preeminence had to be understood over Moses and in all things in order to understand the and the fullness of grace.
And so the gospel of John is devoted to setting forth this preeminence.
And as we study the whole book of John, you’re gonna see it over and over again begin to establish.
There is nothing even near the level.
Of the word that took on flesh to deliver a package.
So in chapter 1, John chapter 1 verse 1 through 4, um, we’ll read it again.
In the beginning was the what word The word was with god. The word was god.
And notice he said all things were made by him In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
So please hear me now. The word is far more than a revelation of god.
See, we we we wanna we wanna stick the word here. No. No. No.
We’re not talking about the word something that you read That is a revelation of god.
It it it the word is very god. He is very god.
He’s not just revelation of god. He is very god. Why am I saying like that?
Cause it He ain’t no just no. I read this, and I got a revelation.
What he’s referring to here is god. I need to. Come come down.
I am about really ready to fly.
He is not a creature, but the one by whom all things were created.
Colashant’s 116, uh, King James. Look what he says. Colashant’s 116.
Malawi, he says, Colash was 116. For by him, were all things created. Now this is awesome.
All things were created in heaven by him. And that are in earth, all by him.
Visible things you can see, all by him. Invisible things you can’t see, all by him.
Whether they be thrones, all by him, dominions, created all by him, principalities, created all by him, or powers created all by him.
So in no book, is there found a stronger claim for the deity am I mean by that?
Deity, the one true god in human form.
The 1 the deity of Christ, the one true god in human in but as I’m saying, the one true god wearing a earth suit.
And it’s very clear here uh, in this book of John, and I want us to take the time to look at this.
This is this is a a very, very interesting things that Jesus said here.
Uh, I look at some of them twice because that’s so amazing.
Uh, look at chapter 8 verse 46, And then while you’re in chapter 8, let’s look at verse 56.
Jesus, and then you understand why he said, talked the way he talked, He said, which of you convinces me of sin?
And if I say the truth, why did you not believe me?
This this is this is this is pretty cool. Verse 47. Let’s read that.
He that is of god, herewith god’s word, you therefore hear them not because you’re not of god.
1st 48. Then answer it to the Jews and said it under him, say we not well, that thou art a Samaritan and has a devil.
That’s what they thought. That’s what they thought. Look at verse 58. John 8 58.
Jesus said unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you before Abraham See, they get they go around talking about Abraham.
He said, before Abraham, I am. I will.
Before Abraham was you gotta understand what he was saying.
He what he’s saying was, I never was. I’ve always am.
I I can’t be contained by time.
Time is my creation. Yeah. Yeah. But I ain’t in it.
God didn’t come out of time. Time came out of god. Yeah. Yeah.
So before Abraham was, I am. Be it. Lost. Thank you.
I I need you to see the awesomeness of the one that delivered the package.
Yeah. Grace and truth. Now look at, uh, John uh, 10:30.
Look at what look at what he said at 10:30.
I you know, we we think we have to be careful.
Somehow we thought Jesus was just, like, byproduct of god. No.
He like, he got a piece of him. Alright. Watch this.
Look who did he say in verse 30? I and my father are what? 1. 1.
Again, a lot of things are said in a word to help us to try to, from a creation point, try to understand, what is so challenging to really gain the full capacity of him with your finite mind.
You’re trying to understand infinite with finite. And infinite has preeminence over finite. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. So how can I communicate something to the creations about my timeless uh, infinite self?
A little bit of god.
So he said, uh, hi, and my father, we won We won. Yeah.
But but but Abraham no. When a Abraham was, I am. It’s amazing.
And then you have the creation, trying to instruct the creator. It humbled me today.
I was like, dude, don’t even ever try it. He is god. Oh, by himself.
And this is what the lord was saying to me that day when I started walking.
He said, think. Don’t be afraid to think I wanna invade your thoughts, come out of the boundary of your doctrine, and allow my love to take you deeper what is written.
I’m not talking about the revelation you can get from me. I’m talking about me.
They why our relationship with him is greater than what you learn.
What you learn is important because that’s the only way you’re gonna try to get up there.
But the amazing thing is that people who have stopped learning -Uh.
-Like, they got it out, been saved for 20 years. Once that a hour in heaven you know, what?
You gonna be so blown away when you leave his body.
You’re gonna wonder why people are c even crying when you w you’re gonna wonder why people cry and carry home when you leave.
You’re gonna figure out. First of all, there is no attachment you gonna want.
There’s no attachment you’re gonna want with this with this earth, with this body?
I had a friend of mine, his brother, uh, he he flatlined. For a minute.
And when they bought him back, he was angry, crying. He said I was there. I was there.
I was there. Who he saw y’all call me back? I was there, and he started cussing.
I was like, oh, where were you?
You only you only know you from the perspective of your physical human body.
You don’t know you from your relationship spirit to spirit.
Yeah. You gotta be careful with that thing, bro. Yes, sir.
You gotta you better be careful. You you start praying? And you start printing tongs?
And and and and and and, you know, Tongs is one of the things where you’re like, well, wait a minute.
What is this? Yeah. Now I’m I’m a tell you something. I’m a tell you something.
I dub I double dog, Dino, dare you to take the next 6 months.
I I I need, for 30 minutes, just every day, have some daily contact with god and Tom.
So I’m gonna change with you. You’re gonna start hearing stuff clear.
You’re gonna start saying stuff clearer, but this is you and your personal relationship with god.
I I I I I I I I I I owe not only a debt of love to you, but to him.
I can’t I never be able to pay that.
But I owe him the debt of love by paying it to you. Yeah.
Alright. Oh, y’all y’all still on the bus. Y’all y’all with me here?
Know I I ain’t mis I ain’t mis stressed out here like this for a minute.
So that that’s why a lot of stuff ain’t gonna matter to you.
When when you when you start digging in this, a lot of that, y’all, that that little boo boo baby pamper stuff that, and you ain’t you don’t even know what?
What? What? Alright. Look at, uh, John 146.
Look at all of these keys, look at all these, uh, about the deer of Christ.
Look at what he was saying.
We’re never gonna under stand this grace and truth until we understand the preeminence over Moses, over the law, the nerve of us to try to even bring the law into competition with this grace and truth.
Look at what he said. Jesus said to him, I am the way I am the truth.
I I don’t I don’t know what people are talking about.
He he says, I I’m full of grace and truth. I I’m grace. Grace is a person.
I’m truth. You can’t separate Jesus’ grace and truth.
I’m the way, I’m the truth, and watch what he says. I’m the life.
No man coming onto the father, But by me, I think I gotta better understand it.
I was thinking, well, hego Jesus, and I gotta go through Jesus to get to the father.
Now when I get to Jesus, I’m I’m at the fall. Y’all even understand?
I I ain’t I ain’t got I ain’t gotta go find the fall, but I when I I found out, That by shed color by ourselves.
I don’t I don’t I’m at the fob. Yeah.
So anybody if you dismissed Jesus, you didn’t dismiss the fob.
And you get all, uh, deepened up, but what I don’t believe in Jesus with you, you, you, you, you, you, and the father got a problem because you have just dismissed him.
You’re trying to play this little Colonel human separation game.
We don’t understand what real true one this is all about.
Alright. Look at, uh, uh, John 2031.
I I thought about trying to teach this, like, verse to verse chapter to chapel.
It it ain’t nothing written like that. You know?
It’s just I’m I’m we’re gonna just go and we’re gonna do this thing. Yeah.
And and John’s purpose in writing he had a purpose.
Why did John write this book? Why was he inspired to write it?
He said, but these are written.
These signs and miracles and healings are written that they might believe that Jesus is the So it says I’m writing this so you can you can believe because in believing you have life.
Yes. In believing you have life. And and that life is is eternal.
So that he’s talking about you have life and you have eternal life in believing.
And this is John. This is not Paul. This is this is John. Okay?
Some I I saw some other day say, everybody hate Paul. You know?
And then theologians, they have a problem with the Pauline, uh, writings.
But then you see John the revelator, giving revelation of what Paul wrote.
My god. But these are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ.
Believe he’s the Christ. Now Christ isn’t Jesus’ last name. Christ is believe he’s the anointed one.
Believe he’s the son of god.
And that believing you might have life and you’re gonna have it through his name and through through the the name, if you’re gonna study the word name, it’s authority.
You’re gonna have life through his authority to give it.
You believe and you’ll have life We have life because we believe human beings don’t think that’s enough.
Because you’re governing things, uh, as a person with an earth suit on, Why do you ignore who you really are?
Uh, another speaking spirit? I now.
Such a one god chose as the messenger to bring grace and truth He was chosen to bring grace and truth to a rebellious and lost human race.
He he’d he was chosen to bring grace and truth.
A gift. To bring grace and truth to a loss and rebellious human race.
No less a person could have adequately revealed the wonders of grace for grace is the infinite love and kindness of god towards man.
Grace is favor, but it is it is the the unrestricted infinite Love.
Who gonna deliver that?
Nothing that’s created can can hold a capacity of that infinite love and kindness.
He’s the only one. He’s the only one that can deliver that.
So now Jesus is really being made big in this teaching.
And it’s gonna enhance your your life of grace.
Now, I need to take a little side road because we need to deal with something.
The ministry of death the ministry or the administration of death versus the administration of grace.
So, again, John is gonna be constantly weighing out the pre or or setting forth the preeminence of grace and Jesus above the law and Moses.
You’ll see that throughout these writings.
So because life is inherent is something that is in you, something that’s inherent means it it exists in you.
As a permanent, essential, characteristic, or attribute, something that’s been in that’s been vested in it’s been vested in you.
And so life is is is is is is invested. It exists in Jesus.
So it’s it’s it’s possible.
It is possible for grace to reign onto eternal life because it exists in Jesus.
Now, that’s not so with the law. Listen carefully. Moses was mortal.
He could not be the bearer of that which gave life.
Wow. There is no life giving power related to the law.
The life that was in the word was the light of men. It.
But when the law, which the Bible calls, we’ll look at it in a moment, when the Bible calls it the administration of death, When it was given at at Mount Sinai, did you notice what was happening when it was given?
Thunderings and blackness and darkness Look at Exodus real quick.
When the law was given, I don’t think people even recognize accidents 2018.
And I look at it in the in the new covenant as well.
The administration of death, that that’ll freak your grandmother in the amount.
If you go tell your grandmother, and it’s traced right there, and and and in Hebrews, the administration of death, and I’ll I’ll show you the whole thing in a minute.
But look at what happened when it was given on Mount Sinai.
And all the people saw the thunderings and the lightnings and the noise of the trumpet and the mountain smoking.
And when the people saw it, they removed and stood afar off.
There was nothing that made somebody wanted to go in and check it out.
They were like, she should do what in the world?
And then look at Hebrews chapter 12 and verse 18. Hebrews chapter 12 verse 18.
I told you this was gonna be a series where I was gonna take my time, and we’re gonna cover every corner, every jot, and tittle, every across the tee.
He says, for you, are not come onto the mount that might be touched.
And that burnt with fire, nor onto the blackness and the darkness and the tempest.
He said, that’s not what you’ve come to.
You you didn’t come in grace hearing you touched that mountain, you gonna fall dead.
You didn’t come to that. You came to a liberty that came out of life.
And so he who brought grace and truth, which is Jesus, is infinite in his being.
In his person, in his works.
Because this because of this, there can be there can be no failure, no failure in the administration of grace.
No failure in the administration is grace. A bunch of failure in the administration of law.
None in the administration of grace. Now that’s all all I want you to hold on to right now.
So now let’s look at a living revelation of god versus a letter that’s written on stone.
A living revelation, I’m living versus a written, uh, laws on stone.
So look at, uh, look at, uh, verse 14, again in John chapter 1 verse 14.
And the word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us, and we beheld Now this is the part people skip over.
We beheld his glory. The glory as of the only begotten of the father. Full of grace and truth.
So grace and truth came by the word made flesh dwelling among men.
It was a living revelation of god. It was her living revealing of god.
It it Jesus was a was a live uh, you can see revelation of God.
When you saw Jesus, you saw the glory. My god.
Uh, I need to bring it down to your your your in your intelligence.
It it the glory is manifested word.
But I thought the glory was any word that was manifested, not saying that’s completely wrong.
I said, well, when you when you’re praying and got an answer, that’s the glory of God. No. No. No.
This is talking about Jesus, the manifested Glory. Of god.
You get to see glory that Moses. Who was that that they couldn’t see?
It was Moses, when that he bypassed me. And and and he he couldn’t look at the glory and live.
Oh my god. You couldn’t look at the glory and live.
And then when Jesus came, you can look at it, look at it right in his face. Yeah.
And behold the glory that men could not look at when he passed by.
And what he what god said is you can’t see me face to face, but I’m gonna let you see my back part.
I’m gonna let you see the res he didn’t even there.
He says, I’m gonna let you see the residue, uh, where I was.
You can’t handle where I am. Not yet.
But I’m a wrap myself up in an air suit one day. Yeah.
Because I got a FedEx of package of grace and truth.
It’s alright if you got listening to this sermon 5, 10 times.
I’m wondering if well, you ought to see the comments online right now.
Like, I told y’all, Jesus’ coming.
We we we’re, listen, ruffled room school is over.
We’ve been in this thing enough to allow god to help us go just a little deep in this, and you can’t see Jesus like you’ve been seeing him before.
You got to see him. That’s the glory. Amen. That’s the glory. That’s the glory. Hallelujah.
That’s the glory. Hallelujah. That’s the glory. Hallelujah. That’s the glory. Hallelujah.
It was a living revelation to god. The law is but a letter.
The law is a it’s letters written on what? Stone.
That’s what that’s what the law is. 2nd Corinthians 3, I want you to see this in the NLT.
2nd Corinthians chapter 3, verse 6 7.
Let’s let’s just let’s let’s 2nd Corinthians 3, 67.
Uh, he has enabled us to be ministers Of the what?
New covenant. This is a covenant not of written laws.
But this new covenant is a covenant of the spirit.
People don’t get that.
We we’re not talking about how many scriptures, you know. That’s important.
We’re not talking about how long you’ve been saying how long you’ve been reading the bible. That’s important.
We’re talking about understanding the spirit.
Which raises you above you still have created, but you’re the created That’s being influenced by the eternal.
And we and and we we we we ain’t know the holy ghost like he ain’t real.
We we really do.
And the only way you can you have fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you you gotta engage that fellowship through prayer.
Through allowing him allowing the new creation to lead you and to holy living.
And then you encounter things like he he said something to you and it happened in 3 hours, or he told you to do that and you did it.
And and and it’s like, what would happen if if Christian people were spiritual people.
See, we we don’t know him.
What would happen if what would happen what would happen if our lives were led by the spirit?
And you’re asking nobody, well, what did Bible sell about drinking wine? You ain’t gotta ask that.
Well, what did Bible sell about me having to begin them to hurt me? You ain’t gotta ask that.
But if your life was spirit led, and spirit fed, you would build the intuition on the inside of you.
To know by the spirit. That’s the ultimate place where god’s trying to take us.
He’s trying to take us to life in the spirit. Amen.
And he said, I’ve made a covenant that is administered by the spirit.
And that’s why so many people have problem with the teaching of grace.
Because it contradicts a law based flesh performance.
And says, yield to the spirit follow him. Yeah.
And he wrote it on your heart so you know to know.
You know the dude because you don’t know how you know the dude.
You just know he got in there and he started doing dictation in your heart, and you just know the dude.
You just know to do.
The old written covenant ends in death.
But under the new covenant, The spirit? There it is. Gives.
Come on. Alright. Now there we go.
Life came from The word, the word became flesh, put on the earth’s seat, suit, then the word, and Jesus And, uh, the father are 1.
And the spirit not doing the same thing they’re doing.
Because they all won.
You keep trying to separate them to satisfy religious doctrine.
But this covenant is spirit administered.
The old agreement was administered by rules 613 laws take out the 10 Commandments.
You got 603 rules trying to get born into your life, morality into your life.
And the old covenant was a rule led agreement.
Dude, this, this, this, this, this, and this should happen, and it never did.
And he told you at the beginning, I didn’t give you this to give you life.
The 10 commandments were not given to give you life. Alright. Now it was Scotch character.
There’s a lot to be said about that because you see the 10 commandments in the new covenant, but it’s the of this is being administered by the spirit and not by rules.
The old way with laws etched in stone. See, I gotta I gotta say something.
Eventually, we’re gonna have to deal with it. I’m I’m I’m trying to be a little light on it.
But the 603 were in tablets.
The 10 was the only thing etched in stone.
The problem is that 10 Edgeline Stone, that was perfection. FLAWLESS perfection.
That was god’s character, glory, and essence in those ten commandments.
Too much for you to him.
So the old way with laws etched in stones and see, that’s why I’m, uh, you know, led to death.
That was the whole purpose, was to lead you to death.
Though it began with such glory, So it started with glory that the people of Israel now watch this, it began with such glory that the people of Israel could not bear to look at Moses’s face, starting with glory.
But, see, Moses was immortal. Started with glory. Can’t handle it. What’s this?
For his face shown with the glory of god, even though the bright this was already fading away.
No. Son to the on under Jesus, we have eternal glory Under the law, we have fading glory.
That’s good. That’s good. It’s fading away. You know, that’s what happened.
Think about when we were under the law. We first got saved. We got under the law.
Everything looked like was pretty good. It started fading away. And we ask yourself, are we still safe? Yeah, mom.
But once you got under the grace of god, the grace seemed to be grace upon grace upon grace.
And even in your rough day, the glory of the grace of god was still there.
It still did something to you today as it did back whenever. Oh, jeez.
Oh, lord. I’m I’m out of time y’all. Let me see.
Let me see where where I can stop. Uh, anything was so good?
Pianna, man, and he didn’t get on the piano.
He was just sitting up there listening, but he just got on a piano.
Let’s see what we’re hitting in this.
Um, uh, man, Man, we’re just gonna have to quit and pick up next time.
Pick up next to have that.
Oh, see, That that that that’s what these Bible studies are for.
You dig deep and then you go back and read it.
Look at it, and then you you step away. You’re the creation.
And don’t you dare try to relate to him. I you know, here’s what people do.
Well, god like, you know, god just like a a a a man and a woman. Dada. No. No. No.
No. God is not a man. God is not a man.
He ain’t gonna lie. See, he we wanna make him like us.
You’re the creation trying to bring him into his creation.
I tell you what, that word was so good tonight.
Yeah. That’s true. I need to go by miss Reynolds.
I need forget about this plant based diet and go get me some fried chicken.
Oh, I know y’all could do better than that.
Come on, y’all. Let’s give guys a praise. Look at that word. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
I know I wasn’t the only one over there.
Face stuck, like, Blowing my mind. Praise god. That was a good word.
And so I’m over there thinking about we learning about We’re unveiling Jesus.
We are united with that same. I am. We are united with his spirit.
We get the opportunity to be united with everything we just learned today.
So at this time, if you’ve never received Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, I’m a be honest with you.
If you haven’t done this, you don’t have a life. I don’t care what you experience.
I don’t experience whatever good you’re experiencing. You don’t have a life until you receive Christ.
And then what happens is you get all that he is.
The Bible says that as he is in heaven, so are we?
Everything that he is, we are, and we get to experience is ir experiential.
So if you’ve never received Jesus Christ as your lord, say this simple prayer with me, father, in the name of Jesus, I realize that I’m a sinner Right now, I repent for my sins, coming to my heart, help me get to know you.
I receive your life, and I receive your spirit.
And I declare today, I’m saved, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Come on, y’all.
Let’s give it up for those who got saved today. Praise god. Hallelujah.
If you just prayed the prayer of Salvation with me today, text the keyword I’m saved as one word to 51555, provide your name and email address, and we will send you a free ebook as a gift to you today.
Get into a Bible based church. It might as well be this one since you’re getting fed.
And get to know him. Amen? Alright, y’all.
At this time, we get the opportunity to worship god with our gifts. Amen?
This is an opportunity for you to complete your worship.
Remember what I told y’all last week? God is pleased when we do that.
Listen to the word we just got received.
Now we get the opportunity to say, you know what, lord, thank you for that word. I love you.
Thank you for all that you’ve been, and I’m gonna worship you with my gifts. Amen?
It’s a it’s a it’s a love action.
You love He loved us so we can love him back.
And this is an opportunity that we can love god back with our gifts and worship him. Amen?
If you need a offering envelope, uh, uh, raise your hands and the ushers to get one to you, for those of you online, the ways to give there on the screen, Uh, you can text world changer space in the amount to 74483.
You can call 1-866-477-7683.
Or, of course, if you wanna mail it in, you can do so at 25100 Bernadette Road, College Park, Georgia 30349.
And if you wanna give via web, you can do so at, or crep dotorg.
And if you wanna use the QR code, you just simply put up your phone, like you’re gonna take a picture.
It’ll send you a link. You click on that link, and then you can give that way, man.
Alright. Let’s pray all these gifts. Gonna raise them up, father. This is our seed.
This is our worship to you. Thank you for giving us seed to sew.
Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for unveiling yourself to us, father.
Thank you for our pastors, and thank you for the word that we just received.
Thank you for protecting us. So we sow these seeds as our worship and our praise and our thanks given to you.
We do it with gratitude and thanksgiving, and we thank you for your promise that it will go and grow.
And we saw him into your kingdom right now in Jesus’ name, Amen. Ushers you may receive the offering.
Before we dismiss, I also wanna mention that we are having corporate prayer this Saturday at 10 am in the junior high building.
So if you wanna come and join us for corporate prayer, We’re doing so every Saturday and enjoy your high building.
Amen? Alright. You guys can stay in so we can dismiss.
To raise your hands real quick, I declare God’s great grace and his love.
It’s gonna infiltrate your minds and souls this week.
I declare the best is yet to come in your lives.
His goodness is running you over all this week. I declare that the angels have charge over you.
The blessing of the lord is making you rich and adding no sorrow with it you will experience his grace like never before.
This is the year of open doors.
Now on to him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you fall in the presence of his glory with exceeding joy to our only wise god and savior, be glory, majesty, dominion, and power both now and forever, Amen, you are dismissed.
Y’all have a good night.
I’m more uh.
The power uh.
The world change.

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