Galatians Part 1 | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

Galatians Part 1 | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

A 15-minute teaching applying practical principles from God’s Word to everyday life.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives. With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer.
On today’s program, Joyce will be teaching from Galatian and Philippians. Galatians is all about god’s amazing race.
We’ll learn how the power of the Holy Spirit is what enables us to do what god asks of us, not our own strength and effort.
Meanwhile, Philippians teaches us about joy and how true lasting joy comes only through faith in Jesus Christ and serving others.
Now here’s Joyce with today’s teaching.
3 or 4 years ago, I started wanting to walk but I can for exercise, but I only had I can only walk about 20 minutes and my groin would lock up on me.
So long story short found out I needed a hip replacement.
My my hip joint, the ball of it was oblong and the joint was round.
And so I’d had back problems for years years getting my back worked on all the time.
Well, here it was my hip. So I got the hip replaced, right hip.
It was this one, not this one. And, uh, then I was able to walk.
Well, I I worked up to walking five miles every day.
Well, then and I didn’t even really realize this probably until 2 or 3 weeks ago, I start I I got real legalistic about it.
I walked if it was raining. I walked if it was freezing.
I walked if I was tired. I walked if I didn’t feel good.
I walked Nothing was gonna keep me from walking.
And my family would say, mom, you just did a conference this weekend. You should take off on Sunday.
I’m walking. Well, I’m a goal oriented person, and I’m very disciplined.
And so I thought I’ve got a goal. I’m reaching my goal.
Well, then eventually I had to have the other hip replaced.
So then I had to have a back surgery.
And, Then I started I just was I was having some problems.
I was having shortness of breath and was just feeling really bad.
And so I went to 3 doctors, nothing that I wanted to hear.
And, How many of you know when you go to the doctor?
You don’t want them to tell you that it’s just stress.
How many of you don’t want that diagnosis? You’d rather actually have something wrong with you.
Please tell me I have a disease. Don’t just tell me that I can’t handle life.
My mother We have a history in our bloodline of nerve problems, and my mother had a nervous breakdown, and my brother had all kinds of stuff.
And so I’m just not real good with all that.
It’s like don’t even act like you think I can’t handle life because I can do whatever I make my mind up that I’m going to do.
Now that is a good attitude.
And it got me through a lot of hard stuff in my life. I will never quit.
I will never give up. But you go just a little too far.
And so then what I got into was I was pushing myself beyond reason, not getting enough downtime.
Bottom line was, I got sick.
And so after 3 doctors and a trip to the hospital where they did every test imaginable, It came back.
Yep. You’ve got adrenal fatigue. It’s stress. So Have I quit walking? No.
But now I walk 3 or 4 miles a day.
Depending if I were to if today when I’m working, I’d only walk three miles.
Uh, otherwise, I walk four miles and I take one day a week off, which my doctor had told me to do.
David told me to do All my kids have told me to do. Nope.
I’m walking every day, five miles every day.
So how many of you can see that I what started out to be a discipline and a good thing in my life and a good goal turned into a law And then as soon as I turned it into a law, it was no longer helping me.
It started to hurt me. At one time, I was that way about cleaning my house.
I cleaned my house every day. We vacuumed every day. We dusted every day.
We polished every mirror in the house every day.
Because, see, really, I didn’t feel good about myself, so I felt better if my surroundings were all tidy.
Come on. Is anybody hearing anything I’m saying?
So you can turn Bible reading into a law.
One time I got on this thing reading the Bible through in a year, everybody in church was reading the Bible through in a year.
And so you had to read 2 chapters, the old testament, 2 in the New, one in Proverbs, one in Psalms every day.
6 afters a day, and you’d get through the Bible in a year. And we all had a calendar.
And I put my calendar on the refrigerator in the kitchen, so people would see that I was well, when you read your 6 chapters, you got a check mark Your Flash loves check marks.
I mean, if you’re a legalist and you love lists, how many of you love lists? Okay.
Well, now there’s nothing at all wrong with the list. But here’s what can be wrong with the list.
If you don’t get everything on your list checked off, and now you feel condemned or guilty or bad about yourself because of that.
Now it’s no longer a list to just keep you disciplined it’s your rule of laws that you have to follow every day.
One of my daughters who’s had a a real turnaround in her life because of finally understanding grace was always very legalistic, and I can remember she would she would write down on her list, the number pieces of ironing that was back when we actually had to iron her clothes that she wanted to get done every day when on on ironing day And if she didn’t get them done, which she never did, because she set unrealistic goals for herself.
How many of you know, sometimes we set ourselves up for a fall.
And so then if she didn’t get them all done, then she’d feel bad about herself herself and feel guilty about herself all the time.
So I I think a good thing to do is stop counting everything.
Stop counting how long you pray. And how many chapters you read.
You know, just be led by the spirit and learn something and stop doing everything by some kind of numerology so you can feel good about yourself.
I got into I got I was fine as long as I had check marks on the calendar But when I started getting these big gaping holes because I wasn’t doing six chapters a day, then I would go in the room where that calendar was, and I couldn’t wait to get away from the thing.
There was a lot of teaching at one time about praying 1 hour a day.
Can you not pray with me 1 hour?
Scripture Jesus said to his disciples, so everybody was praying an hour a day.
Well, I had my clock, and I tell you it was exactly 60 minutes.
Didn’t matter if what I said made any sense, didn’t matter if it was coming out of my heart?
I got in my hour. Let me tell you something.
Uh, a lot of you are a lot more legalistic than you think you are.
And that’s one of the reasons that you’re not enjoying your life because the law does not bring joy.
It brings depth. Now that is kind of sort of my opening.
And I have not done what I’m supposed to do, but here we go.
Galatians 1, one through 5.
Paul and apostle, not from men, nor through man, but through Jesus Christ.
And god the father who raised him from the dead.
Paul always makes a point out of the fact that he was He was not called by men.
He didn’t call himself, but he was called by god to do what he was doing.
And let me tell you something we all need to know that.
Whatever you’re doing, you need to know that it’s what god wants you to do, not what you wanna do or what somebody else wants you to do.
And that works out in the work field just as well.
As in the church.
If you became, whatever, a lawyer because your dad wanted you to be a lawyer and you’ve never wanted to be a lawyer and you hate being a lawyer and you hated law school and you have no joy, chances are you’re probably not doing really in your heart to do, you’re doing what somebody else wanted you to do.
And, you know, parents sometimes can be pretty good at trying to fulfill their dreams through their kids.
Verse threes as grace to you and peace from god, our father and the lord Jesus Christ.
They greeted each other differently in those days than we do.
Grace and peace be unto you in the name of our lord, not like, hey, bro.
What’s up? Hey.
They said something that made sense.
You know, so, I mean, Some of the text messages, I get I got one for my son the other day, and it had so many abbreviations in it.
I could not even tell what he was talking about.
I I had to call him and say, what are you talking about?
He said, oh, that that’s all, you know, social media lingo.
I said, well, could you just talk to me in English? Because I I can’t get that.
We don’t we can’t we don’t have the time to spell out okay now. It’s just k.
I told the people that work for me, if I sent you a text and you answer back with Kaye, I I the very least you can do is say, okay.
And I I think we can go a little bit further than that even.
Anyway, lord, I may have to preach this Galatians thing somewhere else. I’m not doing too good.
So Paul Paul greeted the people with grace and peace be unto you because here’s the thing you cannot ever have peace if you don’t understand grace.
You’ll never have peace if you don’t understand grace.
The other side of grace, the opposite end, the wrong end is works of the flesh.
Now the Bible encourages us to work but to stay out of works.
You know what works of the flesh are?
It’s our energy trying to do what only god can do.
That’s why I like that coffee cup. Good morning. This is god.
I’ll be handling all your problems today, and I won’t need your help.
That’s why I think having one of those would be good for you.
So you’re looking at that every morning.
And realizing that what needs to be done in your life can only be done by god.
So we have to be careful about works of the flesh because works of the flesh produce one thing and one thing only, and this is it.
Every single time you feel frustrated?
Is because you’re trying to do something that you can’t do by yourself.
I don’t care if it’s trying to open a jar of mayonnaise.
And I’ve had times where Dave would be sitting in the next room.
Now, I don’t like this anymore. I’ve gotten smarter, but I was gonna get it open.
I was not I’m opening this.
And I would beat on it and pound on it and get out everything. And you get frustrated.
Well, we get like that about so many areas of our life.
We’re so frustrated because we can’t change ourselves.
We hear a message on the power of words, and we go home, and we’re gonna bless god.
I’m not I’m gonna I’m not gonna say anything wrong today.
I’m How many of you know, we can have a great plan for holiness laying in bed.
And it works until you get up and see a person.
We don’t need to go through life frustrated because god loves us and wants to help us.
He’s right there waiting for us to exchange our trying for trusting.
Today’s resource offering further explains his grace, his joy, and how to live an abundant life.
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Thanks for listening to enjoying everyday life.
Joyce Meyer Ministries mission is to share Christ and love people.
Together, we can do so much more.


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