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Prepare for the best 7 amazingly creative family life hacks that are about to change your family’s world. Easy tips and tricks to make everyone’s life much easier! 

life hacks every family needs to know. Tips and tricks for your home.

Life Hacks Every Family Show Know About

I love writing about hacks because it definitely makes your life easier, more organized, and most importantly more efficient. There are so many tricks and tips out there. I feel like I learn something new every single day. So what I do is collect my favorite ideas from my online researches, and I share them with all of you.

This post focuses on 7 amazingly creative family hacks. From kitchen to parenting, these are simple and easy tips for families that are very useful and practical. Think of them as life hacks to help parents who are looking for creative ideas for their homes. I am sure your family will love them.

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7 Amazingly Creative Family Hacks Everyone Should Know

Discover all seven super easy tips and tricks for your family. I am sure they will absolutely help you get more creative at home. Nothing is better than learning easy life hacks that will make everyone’s life a little easier.

1. Put money back into your wallet with this life hack!

getting money back from gift cards hack

Finally, a life hack that puts money back into your wallet instead of taking it out! Did you know you can get cash for a gift card you will never use? You might be surprised by the number of gift cards that go unclaimed every year. Billions of dollars wasted!

So, if you get a gift card from a store you don’t like or would rather spend the money on something else there is a solution. Go to and sell it to them! They will buy back your gift card (for a small percentage of the amount). You can also exchange or trade your gift card for something that you’ll actually use, if you prefer.

If you don’t want to lose part of the fee to a gift card exchange service, try selling it on eBay or in a Facebook “buy/sell” group. That way, you can set your own price.

2. How to hide candy from your kids

hiding candy hack

Just because you don’t want your kids to live on chocolate and treats doesn’t mean that you can’t have it in the house. The problem is they ALWAYS find them. The solution? Hide them inside another bag! I am 100% sure most kids would never sneak peek into a bag of edamame.

Bonus points if you hide it in a bag that YOU won’t ever look in! There’s nothing quite like surprise candy when you come across it while cleaning out your freezer. Extra bonus: frozen candy takes longer to eat, so you’re less likely to over-indulge. One bite-size bar becomes a lot more satisfying when you have to work for it!

3. Unstick gum from clothing, carpets, and more!

unstick gum from clothing hack

Gum can be very tricky and hard to clean. Do you know how to easily remove it? Freeze it! Once it’s frozen, the gum will pop right off. Easy right? Try it the next time it happens to anyone in your family.

Obviously, you can’t throw your carpet into the freezer, so what do you do when it’s stuck to your rug? Don’t worry, it’s still easy! Just run an ice cube over it until it hardens, then pop it off.  

4. This easy trick teaches kids how to set the table

set the table hack

Showing your kids how to set the table? The order is easy to remember: It’s alphabetical! Fork, knife, spoon.

Teaching them which side of the plate the utensils go on is easy too: “Fork” has the same number of letters as “left.” “Knife” and “spoon” have the same number of letters as “right.”

5. Clean Your Bathtub Without Chemicals

grapefruit to clean without chemicals

This is one of my favorite hacks. Got a ring of scum around your bathtub? Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle with salt. Spray the bath and sprinkle additional salt on the bottom. Then use the fruit as a scrubber, making sure to get the juice on every surface. Rinse clean and enjoy a wonderful sparkling clean bathtub. Oh, and it smells heavenly!

6. The “cell phone” hack every parent of tweens needs

the cell phone hack for kids

If your kid is out of diapers, chances are they are constantly asking you for a cell phone. It seems like parents are handing out cell phones at younger and younger ages every year.

If your kids don’t need a cell phone outside of the home, skip the added service bill and go with an iPod Touch instead! Even though Apple stopped making new versions, you can easily find one on Amazon, eBay, and other places where Apple products are sold. Plus, rumor has it that Apple is thinking about bringing it back.  

The iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without the monthly bill. It lets your kid do everything she can do on an iPhone—send texts, watch videos, take pictures, surf the Web— except connect to the cellular network. Instead, it uses WiFi to get online. If you have a higher budget but still want to skip the cell, an iPad or iPad mini does the same thing (and then some).

I am sure your kid will be happy for a while. You could extend the time you buy a real phone for her and save a lot of money with this family hack.

7. The easiest broken glass remover hack ever

broken glass remover hack

The easiest and most practical family hack. Can you believe that a simple piece of bread can do this magic? Carefully press a piece of white bread all over the area where the glass was broken. This will remove even the tiniest pieces! Of course, it’s still a good idea to go over the spot with a vacuum if possible, but the bread will do most of the work for you.

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