41 Food Charts & Tools That Will Help Stick to Your Healthy Eating Goals

If “healthy eating” is at the top of your list of goals for the year, you’re not alone. A whopping 71% of people resolve to eat better every year. Sadly, as with most resolutions, many give up on it by the time February rolls around. That’s not going to happen to you, though! Why? Well, you’ll have this extensive list of food charts and tools to help you out!   

Brilliant Food Charts & Tools That Make Healthy Eating a Breeze

Let’s be honest, eating healthy isn’t always easy.  Temptation is everywhere, from commercials showing off mouthwatering burgers to prepackaged foods that take the “hassle” out of cooking. Never mind that those burgers never ever look like the TV version or that those prepackaged foods are loaded with chemicals. We’re a society that’s super susceptible to advertising and that absolutely loves convenience.

While I can’t do anything to make you any less susceptible to a well-placed ad, I CAN help you out with the convenience factor. Literally everything you need to know about healthy food is laid out for you in the charts and tools below.

1. Make a healthier plate

Let’s kick things off with a handy chart that everyone can use! Follow the guidelines to plan the perfect plate for each meal. If you need a tasty way to fill up that veggies section, try these delicious Asian-style Brussels sprouts! They’re so yummy, even your picky eaters will love them!

Build a balanced plate food charts

2. Probiotic-rich foods for gut health

Probiotic supplements are fantastic and all, but if you can get this healthy bacteria from your diet, even better. Try adding more of these foods to your diet.

Probiotic-rich foods chart

3. A keto-friendly version of the food pyramid

Even if you’re not following a keto diet, this updated version of the food pyramid will help you make better food choices overall.

4. Good carbs vs bad carbs

For those who aren’t swearing off starchy foods entirely,
this handy list will help you choose between the “right” and “wrong” carbs.

5. What fruits and veggies are in season?

Buying produce in season won’t just save you money, it’s also better for your health and the planet. This chart helps you plan ahead so you don’t miss out on your favorite fruit’s peak time.

6. Foods that look like the organ that they help

Want to choose the best foods for different organs in your
body? This neat little chart will help! Yes, I know it has a few spelling
errors but that doesn’t make it any less useful.

7. Build the perfect green smoothie

Follow the formula in the chart below to build the perfect
smoothie, like my
healthy green smoothie for kids! Don’t forget these tips on how to supercharge

8. A handy chart to help you avoid produce with pesticides

The fruits and veggies on the “dirty dozen” list contain the most pesticides. If you can only afford to buy a few organic items, make it those! Check out my guide to using PLU codes to identify organic vs. conventional produce.

9. Choose the best brain foods for your kids

Give your kids’ brain a healthy boost with these foods that
are rich in Omegas, folate, and other great nutrients. It’s also handy for
adults, too. Hey, we could all use a little more brain power, right?

10. Stomach hunger vs. brain hunger

Are you really hungry or do you just think you are? There’s a huge difference! Use the tips below to figure out which is which.

11. Go vegan without busting your budget

Want to go vegan but think it’s too expensive? This chart
will help you stick to the diet without draining your bank account. It’s also
handy for those who aren’t vegan but want to incorporate more meat-free nights
into their meal plan.

12. A chart to help you figure out what you’re really craving

When you have a strong craving for junk food, your body isn’t
trying to sabotage your diet. Instead, it’s trying to tell you that you’re
lacking something that it needs. Use the chart below to fill those needs
without turning to junk food.

13. A list of the best healthy high-iron foods

Actual iron deficiency isn’t quite as common as it used to be but there are definitely times when we fall short of the daily recommendation. Women are especially prone to low iron during “that time” of the month. Give your body the iron boost it needs by adding these healthy foods to your diet.

14. A list to help you choose vegan proteins

Here’s another handy list for vegans! This one helps you get all the protein you need from non-animal sources.

15. Choose the right food with the right vitamins

If you’re lacking certain vitamins, the colorful chart below will help you add the right foods to your diet. This is definitely one of my favorite food charts to make healthy eating a breeze!

16. A handy (literally) portion size chart

How much is one portion of chicken breast? How about one
serving of nuts? Broccoli? Cottage cheese? The answer to all these and more is right
in the palm of your hands (or the tip of your fingers, as the case may be).

17. Pour the right glass of milk

What’s in that glass of frothy white milk? Depends on the type! Use the guide below to learn more about your milk and make the right choice for your needs. Just remember, though, the values are for the plain versions.

18. Best foods to eat when you’re sick

With cold and flu season well underway, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this chart! It helps you pick the perfect foods that will make you feel better in no time. Raw honey is one of my favorites!

Best foods to eat when you’re sick

19. Healthy alternatives to sugar

Want to cut back on sugar? Whatever you do, don’t replace it with artificial sweeteners! They’re the major reason why things like diet sodas increase your stroke risk. Instead, choose one of these healthier alternatives.

20. Spice things up with this super helpful chart

Want to perk up a bland dish AND give your health a great boost? Use this chart to figure out which spices to reach for first.

21. Here’s what 100 calories look like

While this chart was actually made for people who do carb cycling, it’s also a great resource for finding low-cal snacks.

22. Health benefits of different nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds make great snacks, but beyond that they’re also loaded with amazing health benefits. Use the food chart below to figure out which ones you should eat based on your own health needs.

23. Choose the right healing herbs

Herbs do way more than just add flavor to food. They’ve also
been used as medicine for thousands of years. This chart helps you choose the
right herb depending on what ails you. If you’re feeling blue and want to see
if basil really helps, try out my Super
Green Spinach Avocado Basil Raw Pesto.

24. Supercharge your workout by eating these foods first

Give your body the fuel it needs to make it through that
rigorous workout by grabbing one of these wholesome snacks about an hour

25. Build an amazing salad

Who said salads have to be boring? Use this no-fail formula
to make the perfect and delicious salad every time.

26. Top that salad with a superior dressing

Don’t top that perfect salad with any old store-bought dressing! Make your own using the steps below.

27. Swap out your bun for veggies instead

If you’re on a low-carb diet, this chart gives you some fantastic veggie alternatives to a bread bun. Even if you’re not doing keto, they make for some unique and fun burgers!

28. A Pressure Cooker Cheat Sheet

Sure, you can push a button and have your Instant Pot figure
out the rest, but sometimes you need to cook things manually. Plus, not everyone
has a fancy pressure cooker. For those times, this chart is super handy.

29. Eat the rainbow

Eating the rainbow every day is a smart way to make sure you’re getting all your essential nutrients. The list below helps you choose healthy fruits and veggies from each color.

30. Infused Water Recipes

Say goodbye to boring water and hello to these delicious infused water recipes! They’re perfect for those who just can’t stand it plain.

31. Pretty meal-planning printables

Meal planning is a great way to save money and eat healthier. After all, when you have a clear idea of what to make, you’re less likely to grab takeout. Make it easy and fun with these free printables!

32. Pantry Essentials Shopping List

Like meal planning, shopping with a list not only saves you money but also helps you avoid buying unhealthy foods on impulse. Download this list to print out or use it as inspiration for your own pantry essentials list.

33. The ultimate kitchen cheat sheet

How many tablespoons are in an ounce? How about pints in a gallon? What do you use if you’re out of baking powder? Find out the answer to these questions and more on the kitchen cheat sheet below!

34. How to cut a recipe in half

Ever find a great recipe only to realize that it serves way more people than you need it to? Use the chart below to figure out how to cut it in half without doing a ton of math in your head.

35. A healthier substitution guide

Whether you’re out of butter and need a replacement or you’re trying to cut back on white flour & sugar, this substitution guide is definitely a great tool to have on hand.

36. Air Fryer cooking chart

Air fryers aren’t just a great tool for making healthier French fries. You can cook almost your entire meal in them. Use the chart below to figure out temperatures and times for meats & more.

37. Make a healthier sandwich

Deli meats may be convenient but they’re often highly processed and loaded with salt. Use the chart below to build a healthier sandwich that even your kids will love.

38. Don’t let your meat go bad

How long can you keep chicken breast in the fridge before it becomes a health hazard? How about the freezer? What about fish or beef? Use the chart below to find out.

39. Count the calories in your fruit

Use the guide below to choose low-cal fruits that will satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds. Don’t let the high calories in avocados scare you, though. They’re loaded with good fats and other great nutrients!

40. Give pizza a healthy upgrade

If you’re worried that healthy eating means giving up pizza, maybe this chart will ease those fears. My kids love when I use flat bread to make Olaf’s cheese pizza, too!

41. Vegan Meal Plan to Get You Started

Thinking about going vegan but not really sure what to eat? This week-long meal plan filled with healthy foods will help get you started! Click on the image (or here) to print out the full-size PDF version.

By using these brilliant food charts and tools, you’ll have no problem sticking to your healthy eating goals. Print them out, bookmark them, or download them to your phone. That way you never have an excuse to choose unhealthy options.

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