4 Factors That Fuel Momentum

Creating momentum is like launching a rocket. You’ll use a disproportionate amount of energy to get off the ground, but once you overcome gravity, you can maintain your momentum with minimal effort. Today, Craig shares the four factors that fuel momentum.
If you’re like most leaders, there is something about your life you want to change, but you’re having a difficult time changing it. Every year you may experience the same frustrating cycle of trying to change but not actually changing.
I believe you have the power to change your habits and your life for good. That’s why I wrote The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits That Matter Most.
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Craig Groeschel is the senior pastor of Life.Church, recognized as one of the largest and most innovative churches in the United States. Craig started the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast in 2016 as a way to bring empowering insights and easy-to-understand takeaways you can use to grow as a leader—whenever, wherever.

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