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Whether you’re planning the ultimate Frozen party or just want some fun Disney-themed activities to do with your kids, you’re going to love this guide! We’ll cover everything from the best Frozen fun party food ideas to entertaining games to play with your kids to must-have party supplies. In fact, with so many ideas, you may want to use some for your event and save the rest to use throughout the winter when kids get a major case of cabin fever.

The ultimate guide to the best Disney Frozen birthday party for kids

How to Throw the Best Frozen Party Ever

Even though it came out years ago, Frozen is still one of the most popular Disney movies of our kids’ generation. It’s one of those movies that equally appeals to both boys and girls, thanks to hilarious characters like Olaf, Sven and Kristoff working alongside the princesses to save the kingdom of Arendelle, which is part of what makes it such a great party theme. In fact, all of the ideas below work brilliantly for an all-girl, all-boy, or a mixed party, so no one will feel out of place.

Like any event for kids, your Frozen party needs three things to be a success: food, fun, and good friends. We’ll cover ideas for the first two below, so you & your kids just have to cover the last! Let’s start with the food and get those kids fed so they’re ready for the fun, shall we?

10 Disney Frozen Fun Party Food Ideas

With a couple of inexpensive kitchen tools and a little imagination, you can always make creative and healthy fun food. I collected fantastic ideas from the web for my favorite 10 Disney Frozen Fun Food Party Ideas. If you are interested in other Frozen recipes, please also see my Queen Elsa’s Snowy Mac & Cheese and Olaf’s Cheese Pizza recipes for more creative ways to serve meals to your family.

Olaf’s Noses

What a great way to eat some veggies! Serve them with your favorite dip. Hummus is always a great alternative for small children. If you are going to host a party for toddlers it will be best to steam the baby carrots and make sure they are soft. Serve it in a Chips n’ Dips Set that will go with the party theme.

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Snowflake cheese and crackers

Buy your favorite crackers and cheese and a Snowflake 7 Piece Cookie Cutter Set that includes small cutters perfect to cut cheese. Yes, it’s that simple! You can also use the cutters to cut ham.  Use the bigger cutters for cookies and other Disney Frozen Fun Food Ideas! Great with a spread or just the cheese and/or ham. It is a great idea to serve at a party and so easy to make!

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Snowmen String Cheese

These snowmen are awesome Disney Frozen fun food ideas for a party.  Just decorate the string cheeses and if you want tie a little ribbon. Kids love string cheese! To decorate and serve you can get your supplies at a dollar store, Target, or online at amazon. This is one of the easiest 10 Disney Frozen Fun Food Party Ideas to make.

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Frozen Sandwiches

Using a Star or Daisy cutter (larger cutters, about 4.5 x 4.5 inches) you can make delicious Disney Frozen sandwiches. The Snowflake Cutter cutter will also make perfect size sandwiches for a party, about 4×4 inches. Mix and match! You can make PB & J, ham and cheese, egg salad or chicken salad little sandwiches. Use your creativity!

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Banana Snowmen

Cut bananas in slices and use pretzel sticks, edible eyes and raisins to make the snowmen. These banana pops are healthy Disney Frozen fun food ideas! Insert them in 8 inch Bamboo Skewers and you have: Olaf’s pops! you can also have the ingredients on separate bowls and have your guests build them!

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Sven Cheese

Made with laughing cow cheese. Cut a regular pretzel in half and you get the perfect antlers! You can use edible eyes or peppercorn for the eyes. Use green olives or raisins for the noses.  You could serve them with Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers on the side too. These are by far one of my all-time favorite ideas for Frozen birthday parties! They’re just too cute, right?

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Blue Ice Jello

Simple and great for parties! Buy blue jello, follow the instructions on the box, and cut it in squares “Kristoff’s Ice”, or make your own using plain jello and natural food coloring.  Use molds like this 24 cavity jello Snowflake Mold perfect for a Frozen Party!

You could also make fruit snack or gummies with smaller cutters or molds. Please see my fruit snack  recipe: Homemade Healthy Gummies

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Frozen Fruit

Fruit Wands or a platter using your fun Disney Frozen Cutters are great for any party! I love serving fresh fruit at parties! You can add some marshmallows too. For more fruit kabobs ideas, please see my recipe: Fun And Healthy Fruit Pop Ideas

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Frozen Hearts

You can also serve white chocolate-covered strawberries or “frozen hearts”.  Melt some white chocolate or use greek vanilla yogurt and dip in strawberries.  Freeze for about 2 hours on top of Parchment Paper  You can serve half the tray with the frozen hearts and the other without for hearts already melted by true love. Super cute Disney Frozen fun food ideas kids will love!

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Frozen Blue Lemonade

This is a wonderfully refreshing drink for a party! You can make homemade lemonade using fresh lemons, honey and ice. Use some natural blue coloring and you have a perfect Frozen Lemonade! You can buy a super cool Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser (love it!) and keep it for future events!

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

Fun Frozen Party Games & Crafts

Depending on the length of your party, you’ll want to plan about three of these fun Frozen activities. Even if you don’t end up getting to all of them, it’s better to plan for more than less. That way, you don’t have to worry about bored kids during downtime.

1. Make Your Own Frozen Bubble Wands

This fun idea from Two Sisters Crafting makes a great activity for when kids are first arriving. Either make the wands ahead of time for younger kids, or set out the supplies on a table for older kids to make their own. Then, send them into the back yard to blow bubbles with their new wands until all your guests arrive. Learn how to make them here.

Make Your Own Frozen Bubble Wands

2. Help Olaf Find His Nose

You can’t have a Frozen-themed party without inviting Olaf, right? For a fun twist on a traditional party game, get kids ready to help poor Olaf find his missing nose!

I love this activity because you can either buy a premade “Pin the Nose on Olaf” set or make your own. If you prefer to DIY it, check out this easy tutorial. This one is perfect for playing right after you serve lunch or cake since it doesn’t require a lot of running around.

No products found.

3.   Olaf Bowling Game

You’ll need to get everything together for this one ahead of time but don’t worry, it’s super simple. If you have white, orange and blue paint along with some empty bottles, you’re in business! Just paint the bottles to look like Olaf’s face, then grab a tennis ball to use as a bowling ball. Not sure how to paint Olaf on the bottles? Disney Family has a terrific tutorial that will help.  It’s perfect both for indoor and outdoor parties.

Olaf Bowling Game

4. Frozen-Inspired Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are time-consuming, so you may want to make this one the main event. You’ll need to do a lot of advance planning but with the help of the moms as Bombshell Bling, it’ll be easy. Grab their tutorial and printables for their Frozen scavenger hunt based on song lyrics from the movie.

If you think that will be too complicated for younger kids, you can make your own list. Print out different characters from the movie and hide them around your home or yard (depending on where you’re throwing your party), then print up enough lists for every child and send them off to scavenge.

Frozen-Inspired Scavenger Hunt

5. Let It Go “Hot Potato” Game

Elsa’s “Let it Go” song is perfect for a quick game of hot potato! If you’ve never played this classic party game, basically you pass around an object (a potato, for example) while a song plays. When the music stops, the person left holding the potato is “out.”

Since it’s a Frozen-themed party, pass around a carrot instead of a potato (for Olaf’s nose), then crank up Let it Go! Stop it randomly, and the person left holding the carrot is out. If you’re playing with little kids and want to make it less competitive, have the “out” kid get up and move to the “dance floor” to get their groove on for the rest of the song. By the end, everyone will be up and dancing!

If the idea of passing around a carrot doesn’t really appeal to you, Disney’s Tsum Tsum toys, like the Olaf one below, make great potato alternatives, too!

No products found.

6. Build a Snowman

Build a snowman party favor is super fun and creative! Just grab some marshmallows, pretzels, raisins and edible eyes like the Wilton Candy Eyeballs and put them all in a bag along with some cute labels, like these free printables!

10 disney frozen fun food party ideas

If you’ve played all of these games and still find that you have extra time before parents come to get the kids, here are some last-minute ideas that you can pull together on the spot:

  • Olaf coloring contest: just print out these coloring pages from Disney, pass out crayons and let kids get creative.
  • Snowball” races: break out the cotton balls and scatter them on a table. Give each kid a straw and challenge them to blow through it to push all of the snowballs to the other side of the table.
  • Balloon stomp: Grab some of the balloons hanging around the house and toss them on the floor. Challenge kids to pop them by stomping or sitting on them. This super simple game is a lot more fun than it sounds, and all the kids will be cracking up by the end!
  • Snowman wrap– A twist on the mummy wrap game, break out the cheap emergency rolls of toilet paper that you have sitting in the back of your closet and break kids up into teams of 3. One person acts as the snowman and the other two wrap her up as fast as possible in the toilet paper.

Plan to stop the games about ten minutes before parents are due to arrive so that kids have a chance to wind down and say goodbye. Now is a good time to break out the goodie bags. If you need some ideas for what to put in them, check out the list below.

One last note, then I’ll let you get on with your party planning! When you’re putting together ideas for a kids’ party, remember one rule of thumb: it’s better to have too much than not enough! From food to fun to favors, you always want to plan on more than you think you need. Kids will inevitably show up with a sibling in tow, get bored of a game, or go through the food faster than you can put it out. It is so much better to over-plan than end up with a child without a goody bag or a room full of restless hungry kids! Now, get to the planning and enjoy your Frozen party!

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